Kendall Jenner may be trying to put the whole Pepsi #fail behind her by doing her best to totally ignore it, but it seems like the public isn’t willing to forgive and forget as easily. In fact, not only is the major ad disaster still fresh in people’s minds, but the controversy has just taken a super scary turn.

Kendall Jenner _ Met Gala 2017

The heated situation sparked this time around when police showed up to a May Day march in Portland on the first of the month. Some protesters were apparently upset by the cops’ presence, and while things began peacefully, tensions soon rose.

When the police moved in, one civilian took a cue from Jenner’s ad and attempted to hand over a can of Pepsi in a friendly manner. Unfortunately, the IRL officer wasn’t nearly as grateful as the one in Kendall’s commercial.

From there, a few “anarchists” (as they were described by Portland PD) decided to take things up a notch by throwing lead balls AND FULL CANS OF PEPSI!

The march was then declared a riot and police canceled its permit, a move which gave them permission to force the protestors to disperse. And while no one was reportedly hurt by the hurled soda cans, a medic was hit (though not injured).

While we can guarantee Pepsi didn’t predict the backlash they’re now facing when the ad was aired (and quickly pulled), they surely never expected events to take such a scary turn.

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(h/t Mashable; photo via Dia Dipasupil/Getty)