Isn鈥檛 it the worst when you鈥檝e spent hours perfecting an at-home blowout (or indulged in a trip to Drybar), only to be left with tresses that can鈥檛 be tamed a mere two days (or sometimes two hours) later? It鈥檚 a domestic goddess secret to pop into the laundry room, grab a dryer sheet and smooth out unruly, Medusa-like strands with a few swipes. And while yes, it gets rid of static cling, if you鈥檙e anything like us, we know that you鈥檇 rather not smell like Snuggles the Bear at the office. Luckily, K茅rastase is releasing a product that will zhush up your daily 鈥榙o in one fell swoop with hairstyle touch-up sheets.

These magical sheets, called Carr茅 Lissant ($28), are essentially blotting sheets for your hair. They work just like the ones you use to soak up excess oil off your face, but it gives new life to lackluster, frizzy hair. And unlike the fresh linen scent that dryer sheets impart on your locks, these have a light fragrance of grapefruit, roses and patchouli. And they鈥檙e super convenient to stash in your purse for long days (that turn into nights) at the office.

You鈥檒l be able to pick up your own pack of these wonder-sheets in November on the brand鈥檚 website. Granted, they鈥檙e a bit steep when it comes to price, but the static-eliminating wax embedded in each sheet is something we鈥檙e willing to splurge on. Especially if it鈥檚 a foolproof way to save a blowout or to fight the impending static hat head that鈥檚 going to roll in with the winter winds.

Would you use these blotting papers to tame your tresses? Let us know in the comments.

(h/t Refinery29)