We have Kickstarter to thanks for innovations like these high tech workout leggings, the 1.5 million stitch sweatshirt and more. Yep, crowdfunding can do some of the most amazing things for people with simply great ideas. Here are campaigns that need your help to get to the next level of production and find their way into your life.


1. Mapo Connected Face Mask: This might be the easiest way to get that glow for your skin. Mapo is the world’s first 3D printed, custom and personalized face mask that monitors your skin’s hydration levels. Connected via smartphone app, it can give you read-outs on your skin’s moisture. In less than one minute, your face can get a full “check-up”— and a built-in gentle heating system can help lock in moisturizer better after you’ve applied it.


2. The BuildingBlock: This is far from an ordinary box — this is basically a gym in a box. Literally. The Building Block comes with an assortment of handles, grips and holes to help you with your workouts including squats, Pilates moves, ab work, push ups, burpees and more. The most brilliant part is the assortment of poles, bands, ropes, bars and even a harness to push, pull and manipulate the 25-pound box.


3. HexCups: Looks like someone really found a niche need and created a product for it: beer pong cups. Before you laugh, it’s actually an ingenious idea for a plastic cup, period, with the added benefit of being great for the collegiate’s favorite game. The hexagon-shaped rim interlocks better for the game, and the innovative bottom keeps the cup from slipping. But the best feature might be that they’re able to withstand the dishwasher, making them reusable.


4. D-Twelve Lamp: This lamp is unlike any you’ve seen before. You can buy just a single lamp and mount it on a tripod or hang it from the ceiling, or you can get crazy with it and buy several that interlock together through magnets to create a sculptural lamp. Plus, it comes with a multitude of finishes including beechwood, super-lightweight concrete and printed fabric.


5. Litter Loo: Tired of having to clean that litterbox for your kitty? The Litter Loo is a self-sifting litter box that senses when your cat is in it. Just seven minutes after the cat leaves, the box slowly and gently (so as not to frighten Mr. Whiskers) sifts the litter and removes the waste into a sealed compartment. According to the Litter Loo inventors, not only does this give your kitty a clean box each time, you’ll only have to empty the box once or twice a week. #Winning.


6. PediGlide: Many of us spend several hours a day sitting at our desks working — and we all know how harmful that can be over time.The PediGlide is a device you can fold up and bring with you to the office, home, in the passenger seat of the car or even on an airplane (!) to keep your feet moving. And it’s not just idle movement either; a set of resistance bands helps mimic the movement you’d get if you were up and walking about.


7. Undress Sport: We’ve told you about the first version (the Undress) and their second Kickstarter for Undress Sport as well, but this innovation is so cool it’s worth an RT. Undress is basically a changing room that lets you change out of your activewear in PUBLIC that looks like a dress, which means no more awkward changes between spin class and work. Named Kickstarter’s Number One Women’s Apparel Campaign in 2014, the Undress is back with a new and improved sport version. What’s particularly noteworthy is that the dress is self-packing, wrinkle-free, machine washable and dryable, fits most sizes (including bigger busts) and can even be used as a seat cover if you’re just that sweaty. Versatile!

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 3.42.44 PM

8. Eros and Psyche Stainproof Skirt: We’ve all been there — one spill and your outfit is ruined. Eros and Psyche wants to change that with a skirt that is resistant to wine, ketchup and yes, even BLOOD stains. There are 11 colors in two styles (mini and cocktail), and it comes in sizes zero to 14. And most importantly, there are pockets!


9. Carver: Here’s the elliptical you can actually take out of the gym. Invented by Dutch graduate students, the Carver is a crosstrainer built for outside with bike quality parts that can help you meet your fitness goals. The best part is you can get your workout with a great view at the same time.


10. Crowd Colour: Makeup fiends take note. Crowd Colour wants to make your makeup much more personal. You can customize the image on the front of your compact and even the pigments on the inside — just pop them out when they’re done. They’re attached by magnets! That means not only do you get pretty packaging, you can also reduce waste by reusing your palette over and over again.

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