It’s no secret that bikes are taking over city streets across the country. In almost every major city from New York to San Fran, you can rent a bicycle to explore the town and even to commute to work. This summer, a Parisian bike rental program is going where no bike share has gone before. That’s right, folks: P’tit Vélib’, the world’s third largest bike share service, just expanded their two-wheeled rentals to little ones. As if traveling with your cute little family to Paris wasn’t cute enough, you can now all rent bicycles on your way to that corner bistro (with baguettes in your bike baskets, of course).

We know what you’re thinking: ADORABLE… but how is that safe? The company is only renting out the bikes at five locations — all in pedestrian-only areas surrounding public parks. Plus, all the tyke rentals include helmets… because… safety first!

P’tit Vélib’ will offer tot-sized bikes (ages 2-10) in four sizes for up to $20 per day. It’s kind of pricey compared to the adult program, which is only $2.30 per day, but seeing your toddler cruise around the Arc de Triomphe is pretty priceless. The options include bikes with training wheels, balance bikes without pedals and a children’s version of their traditional adult bike. Also, the child-friendly rental stations will only be open on weekends, holidays and school vacays.

The company is the first in the world to expand bike share to children, but we can totally see this idea coming stateside ASAP. Très adorable!

Would you use this kid-friendly service if it came to the U.S.? Let us know in the comments!

(h/t: Fast Company + Bloomberg Businessweek)