Reese Witherspoon has done it. Blake Lively has done it. Gwyneth Paltrow has done it. We’re talking about celebrity lifestyle sites. Reese launched Draper James, Blake’s got Preserve and Gwyneth has been spearheading the movement with the practically OG Goop. Now, Kim Kardashian West is the latest A-lister to join the fray with the debut of her site (and her sisters are each launching their own pages and apps today as well).

There are a few notable differences between Kim KW’s site and those of her celeb colleagues. First of all, Kim’s site won’t be coming for free. Right now, they’re offering a seven day free trial, but once that ends, the site has a subscription of $2.99 a month. Welp, with a makeup workshop that costs $300 a seat, the sub price is almost to be expected.

Each of her sisters’ sites are also $2.99 EACH — which means it’s gonna cost ya to keep up with those Kardashians. Each of the Kardashian-Jenner’s sisters’ sites are super personalized, so you get a insider’s peek at each of their lives. For example, Kylie’s site gives a tour of her new house, features vids with Miley’s BFF Gigi Gorgeous and more.


Though the site will have limited all-access content, paying subscribers will get entry to Kim’s Q + As and makeup tutorials. Right now, the only how-to live is of Mario Dedivanovic’s strobing tutorial — and he’s been credited as the originator of the whole strobing trend. (Pro tip: highlight your cupid’s bow to make your lips look plumper.) We’re certain in time we’ll be seeing more high-quality makeup tutorials from Kim’s all-star glam team, including Joyce Bonelli (who bleached Kylie’s brows), hairstylist to the Kardashians AND the stars in general Jen Atkin and Clyde Haygood (who made Kendall Jenner a blonde).


Subscribers will get to see Kim’s various style breakdowns where she (or her team) dissects her outfits and finds options to help you cop her style — which, so far, feature surprisingly affordable alternatives.


Also, you get behind-the-scenes peeks at the styling and choices behind outfits and events. For example, Kim revealed that her Met Gala dress was inspired by Cher — yes, that Cher.

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