Yesterday, Ashton Kutcher appeared to speak in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on behalf of Digital Defenders of Children (Thorn), a digital safety advocacy organization that Kutcher co-founded. You鈥檝e probably heard how, before launching into his speech, Kutcher was jokingly insulted by John McCain and responded by blowing a kiss 鈥 a bizarre turn of events that unfortunately overshadowed the moving speech that Kutcher delivered, and the important reason he was there.

Ashton Kutcher

Kutcher, after having a little chuckle with the rest of the crowd present, proceeded to deliver a 15-minute speech that addressed the horrors related to international sex trafficking and how technology can be used for precautionary and preventative purposes.

鈥淚鈥檝e been on FBI raids where I鈥檝e seen things that no person should ever see,鈥 said Kutcher.

The actor broke down in tears describing instances of child sex trafficking he鈥檚 encountered, with victims as young as his own children. He also reported that in six months, his organization has identified an astonishing 6,000 trafficking victims 鈥 2,000 of whom were minors. He then pled to the government for help.

Kutcher posted a condensed version of the speech to his Facebook page this morning, which has since received a flurry of positive response. Once commenter wrote, 鈥淪uperb work Ashton! I love when celebrities use their star power to raise awareness and to help as opposed to just nice cars, homes and clothes. Well done! Keep up the good fight!鈥

You can check out Kutcher鈥檚 full speech in the video below.

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(h/t NY Daily News; photos via David Becker + Chip Somodevilla/Getty)