Human models are so last season. Why put the effort into all that hair and makeup when the accessories look just as good on the tall beauties’ furry companions? Case in point: Miss Asia Kinney. Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney’s adorable pup is the new face of Coach’s latest ad campaign. How does it feel to know a french bulldog probably made more than you this month?

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In the photo shared on Lady Gaga’s Instagram yesterday, Asia sits on a blonde’s lap looking super chic in a silver necklace and giant purple handbag. To say she looks stylish would be an understatement. While Asia is definitely one of the cutest pups we’ve seen photographed lately, she certainly isn’t the only one scoring some major modeling work. Scroll on down to see a few other famous pups who have recently made a name for themselves in the fashion realm.

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1. Toast For Karen Walker: This King Charles is no stranger to the camera. Toast has 259,000 followers, so it’s no wonder eyewear brand Karen Walker chose the pup to model their super stylish frames. On her Instagram she writes (er, someone with opposable thumbs writes), “Karen Walker and her wonderful team have donated generously to @friendsoffinn and are helping us get the word out about puppy mills. None of the photos are photoshopped. I’m just that good.” (Photo via @toastmeetsworld)

2. Jimmy Choo for Jimmy Choo: No, this is not a typo. Jimmy Choo’s Creative Director Sandra Choi discovered the bull terrier Jimmy Choo when she was scrolling through his owner Rafael Mantesso’s creative Instagram that often features the pup. The luxury company recruited Rafael to create a capsule collection with them, and naturally Jimmy Choo (the dog) acted as the model. (Photo via @jimmychoo)

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3. Neville Jacobs for Bookmarc: Marc Jacobs didn’t have to go very far to find a model for his latest Bookmarc campaign. In fact, he was probably drooling over Marc’s dinner the night before. For a recent set of Bookmarc ads, Jacobs used his dog Neville as the model. He can’t read, but he sure looks great trying. (Photo via @nevillejacobs)

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(Photos via @ladygaga)