The Priceless Pets project wants to show you beyond a shadow of a doubt that pound pups are just as lovable as their thoroughbred counterparts. They conducted an adorable experiment where they displayed homeless dogs in the windows of pet shops. The result is not only inspiring, but will show you that perspective is everything. Once these pups are propped up on a pedestal, you’ll see them get the same treatment as the dogs that were for sale. We’re so glad to see these pups going to a loving home with a future full of chew toys, warm beds and maybe even a cute get-up.


How it works is homeless dogs are taken to a pet store, where they come face to face with their prospective owners, who are perfectly happy to pay for them. The soon-to-be pet mamas and papas go to checkout and find out their pup is free. Not that it mattered, because they love them the same. Priceless Pets wants to combat the illusion that there is something inherently wrong with dogs and cats who live at shelters. They’re doing this by showing them off like store-bought pets, proving they can be just as loving, gentle and social as other dogs. Not only are they free, but you can feel all warm and fuzzy every time you see them, knowing you saved that sweet little face.


Priceless Pets has already gotten several Brazilian pet stores to accept their challenge of presenting the dogs in a more attractive way to an audience of owners who otherwise might not have seen them.


We’re so happy to see pet stores being filled with shelter dogs rather than dogs from puppy mills, which is sadly usually the case. We give two paws up for such an amazing cause.

Do you know of anyone bringing a project like this to the US? We’d love to be the first to know.