In case you’ve been living under a rock, then you know it’s Halloween season. There are so many great DIY ideas out there, but if you’re super crunched for time, we know it can be hard to find a second to decorate. But store-bought decorations aren’t your only options: There are SO many quick and easy Halloween DIYs out there. Scroll through for some of our favorites, and soon your house will be decorated faster than you can say “boo!”

1. Candy Corn Candles: Chances are, you probably have some mason jars laying around from an old craft project. Take a few balloons, cut them up and slide them over a mason jar for a super quick and festive candle you can display on a shelf. (via Brit + Co)

2. Pacman Halloween Garland: Grab some black paper and googly eyes and craft up this Pacman-themed Halloween garland. Since Pacman isn’t technically seasonal, you could totally reuse this for your kiddo’s bedroom later. (via All for the Boys)

3. Mummy Wrapped Candy Bars: Take some white washi tape, googly eyes and your favorite candy bar, and you’ll have this spooky sweet treat in minutes. The best part is that it doubles as decor and a cute favor for party guests or trick-or-treaters. (via Some Day I’ll Learn)

4. Paper Witches’ Brooms: Raffia, paper straws and colored Scotch tape are all it takes to be ready to fly with these witches’ brooms. They would totally look cute as cocktail stirrers, too! (via Craftaholics Anonymous)

5. No-Carve Pumpkins: Pumpkin carving is fun, but when you’re in a pinch, the process (and cleanup!) can be time consuming. Get creative and decorate your pumpkins with craft supplies you have around the house — in this case, glitter, paper and a sharpie were used to spruce up these three chic pumpkins. (via Brit + Co)

6. Gummy Worm Ice Cubes: Add a little creepy-crawly factor to your cocktails by using these gummy worm ice cubes. All you need is a few hours to freeze some gummy worms in an ice tray. (via Brit + Co)

7. Light-Up Bowling: Want a fun and easy party game? Grab some glow sticks, then place them under some cups for a simple game of bowling. (via She Knows)

8. Mummy Front Door: Wrap a roll of toilet paper or paper towels, then cut out some circles from black paper for a super last-minute way to greet trick-or-treaters come Halloween night! (via East Coast Creative)

9. Wire Wall Signs: Go hunting for some wire and washi tape, then form your favorite spooky saying and tape it to the wall. It’s so easy, you’ll want to put them everywhere. (via Cupcakes and Cutlery)

10. DIY Halloween Flags: Take some Halloween-printed washi tape, wrap it around a drink stirrer and you’ll have these fantastic flags to use in your cocktails or as cupcake toppers. (via Brit + Co)

11. Halloween Wine Bottles: Keep those leftover wine bottles and paint some cute + creepy creatures on them. These would also make great candle holders. (via Lombardo Lagniappe)

12. Spooky Couch Decor: Drape some cheese cloth over your couch for the easiest Halloween decor ever. (via Country Living)

13. Spider Banner: The best part about this spidey DIY is that it’ll give you some practice for cutting out those winter snowflakes. (via Country Living)

14. Washi Tape Spiderweb: Whether covering a small corner or the whole wall, you could have this spiderweb up in a snap! (via Get Creative Juice)

15. Ghost Gourds: Put your gourds from the farmers’ market to good use by painting them white and giving them a ghost face. These would be fantastic on a dinner table or displayed alongside pumpkins on your porch. (via Country Living)

16. Honeycomb Ball Ghosts: Add spooky faces to a cluster of tissue paper balls for a super festive party display. (via A Lovely Lark)

17. Glitter Spider Webs: No party is complete without a little glitter action. Once dried, you can hang these up or place a few on a treat table. (via Happy Clippings)

18. DIY Black Bats: Cut out some bats from cardstock paper, then tape them on the wall and flare out their wings for a creepy cool 3D effect. (via Thrifty Decor Chic)

19. Not-So-Spooky Candles: Get the kids involved with this DIY that uses materials you’ve got around the house. The charming smiley faces are less creepy and more cute, making them perfect for any kids’ fiesta. (via Fingerprints on the Fridge)

20. Bleeding Candle: Gore and decor come together with these dripping candles that’ll have your guests doing a double take. (via Pop Sugar)

How are you decorating this Halloween season? Let us know in the comments!