Whether you’re feeling on top of the world or going through a rough patch, journaling can be not only a therapeutic way to express your feelings, but also a great relic to hold onto for years to come. If you’re anything like me though, you really only feel inclined to journal when you’ve had the worst day ever and want to vent to someone (or you know, something). Then when you read it back years later it’s mostly just a bunch of ramblings about how much the universe hates you. But if you can get past the relationship drama and daily gripes, journaling can be a great place to be honest about major life goals and aspirations. In fact, this is a tactic that actress, singer and Scream Queens star Lea Michele swears by. So much so that she just released a self-help journaling book today!

In a recent interview, Lea tells Refinery29, “My journaling started out as being very goal-oriented and writing down dreams… The more I wrote down, the more I made things happen, and I believe it’s a combination of the energy that’s put into writing things down and manifesting your dreams as well as having this space that makes you be accountable to yourself.”

Pouring your long term goals and biggest ambitions down on a blank page can be a little intimidating, so Lea has taken it upon herself to make the process a little easier. Her new book titled You First: Journal Your Way to Your Best Life is a guided journal that comes with a series of exercises, prompts and lists based on her own personal program. She’ll cover topics related to fitness, diet, work, school and relationships. In the first section of the book, Lea focuses heavily on family. There is a page where you fill out all the members of your family tree. You can also respond to prompts like, “How did your mother and father meet?” and “When and why did your mother’s family move to the country you live in now?”

Like some other books in this budding genre, You First makes it easy to share interesting facts about your life story that don’t necessarily relate to that cute boy you met at the bar that one time. Because as much as we love a Carrie Bradshaw-like entry, digging a little bit deeper is never a bad idea.

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