We鈥檝e all found ourselves in a situation where we splurge on a jar or two of tahini, use a smidgen of it to make hummus, and then wonder what the heck we鈥檙e supposed to do with the rest of it. Fantastic news: There are HEAPS of delicious things we can do with the beloved sesame butter. Not only does it make a mouth-watering dressing for Buddha bowls, but it can even star in desserts too. So grab that jar of tahini from your pantry right now, because we鈥檝e got 15 appetizing ways you can use it.

1. Roasted Mediterranean Cauliflower Potato Pitas: Brimming with roasted cauliflower and crispy veggies, this pita puts a succulent twist on a vegan Lebanese recipe. It鈥檚 huge on flavor on its own, but it becomes extra special with that garlicky lemon tahini drizzle. (via Feel Good Foodie)

2. Sticky Soy B谩nh M矛 Bowls With Quick Pickles and Toasted Sesame Tahini: This is how you eat the rainbow, friends. Inspired by Vietnamese b谩nh m矛, this Buddha bowl brings sticky tofu, tart pickled veggies, and creamy tahini to your table for one heck of a feast. (via Earth and Oven)

3. Vegan Smoky Tahini Jackfruit Sandwich: To say the very least, this gorgeous 鈥榳ich is hella unique. Not only does it bring a hearty dose of jackfruit to your plate, but it鈥檚 tossed in a smokey tahini blend that brings our fave nut butter to a whole new level. (via The Colorful Kitchen)

4. Spicy Tahini Tofu Stir-Fry: If you鈥檙e in search of a quick weeknight meal that seems more inspired than the rest, look no further. Perfect for Meatless Mondays, this veg-friendly dish fries tofu to a perfect crisp and kicks it up with a dreamy tahini-Sriracha sauce. (via Eat Well 101)

5. Salmon Soba Noodle Bowls With Tahini Sauce: This glorious bowl brings perfect flaky salmon to a bed of wholesome tahini-drenched soba noodles, and it鈥檚 the best thing *ever.* Get your healthy munch on with this easy peasy weeknight option! (via The Original Dish)

6. Chips and Crispy Chickpeas: By adding protein-packed chickpeas, the fries become healthy, right? This recipe brings bold flavors and textures to your plate with a tahini sauce that is on point. (via Clemfoodie)

7. Leftover Roast Chicken Salad: Tahini seems to show up in a lot of plant-based recipes, but it *does* play well with meat. In this robust salad, roast chicken gets drenched with a tahini-based dressing, and it鈥檚 swoon-worthy. (via Pop Kitchen)

8. Ethiopian Berbere Chickpea Pizza With Tahini Garlic Dressing: Tahini on pizza? Oh heck YES. This stunning flatbread also brings us juicy tomatoes, onions, and hearty chickpeas that have been hit with a lip-smackin鈥 Ethiopian berbere spice blend. (via Vegan Richa)

9. Lemon Tahini Kale Slaw With Crispy Chickpeas: This isn鈥檛 your average kale salad, y鈥檃ll. This bad boy brings a slew of goodies to your bowl, and then showers it with a lemony tahini dressing that will make your tastebuds tingle. (via Eat Spin Run Repeat)

10. Green Goddess Club Sandwich: This tasty tofu-stuffed 鈥榳ich makes for a perfect vegan lunch option. But we鈥檒l be honest: The real magic is in that vibrant tahini-based green goddess dressing! (via The Full Helping)

11. Roasted Asparagus Soup: This soup boasts springtime in ways we鈥檝e never seen before, and it鈥檚 blowing our collective minds. Earthy roasted asparagus is blended with cauliflower, plant-based milk, and tahini for a blend that is smooth AF. (via Avomaniac)

12. Healthy Quinoa Stuffed Sweet Potatoes: Quinoa lovers, rejoice. Tender sweet potatoes get stuffed with our fave grain, and then topped with a dollop of avocado and tahini sauce. LOVE. (via Two Raspberries)

13. Soba Noodle Salad With Tahini Dressing: With warm weather right around the corner, a cold noodle salad is where it鈥檚 at. This colorful recipe brings you layers of crisp veggies, tender shredded chicken, and a garlicky tahini sauce for a salad that eats like a meal. (via Cups + Spoonfuls)

14. Roasted Cauliflower With Pomegranate, Almonds, and Tahini Dressing: Here, our fave veg is drizzled with tahini dressing and garnished with crunchy almonds, juicy currants, and cooling mint. (via Shift Nutrition)

15. Indian-Spiced Grilled Chicken With Mint-Tahini Sauce: BBQ sauce, BYE. There is no better way to cool your palate from the punchy flavors of Indian-spiced chicken than with a soothing mint tahini sauce. (via White Plate Blank Slate)

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