“We’re expecting” has an entirely different meeting for new parents. New mommies and daddies alike are filled with so many emotions — everything from pure joy to feelings of worry. They’re also experiencing everything for the first time, from ultrasounds and doctors appointments to decorating a nursery and reading baby books. However, one of the most heartfelt experiences during this special time is feeling their baby’s first kick. Now Libero’s BabyBuzz is bringing parents closer than ever during pregnancy.

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BabyBuzz is a smart wristband that’s designed to help partners experience a baby’s kick remotely. After conducting research, Libero discovered there are different levels of engagement between expecting parents, which inspired the brand to develop a piece of technology that would bridge the emotional gap between a couple.

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The Babybuzz wristband is worn by both the mother and her partner. When the baby kicks, the mother can push a button on her wristband, and it will send a vibration to her partner, imitating the kick. This allows both of them to feel a more intimate connection with their unborn child. The BabyBuzz also makes it easier for partners to understand what the mother is physically experiencing, therefore giving them greater insight into her pregnancy.


Whether you’re first-time parents or expecting again, the Babybuzz wristband could help you and your partner grow even closer together during precious moments. Libero is still developing their retail-ready prototype, but to stay up to date on the latest developments, check out Libero’s website.

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(Photos via Libero BabyBuzz)