We鈥檙e nearly halfway through the summer (wah!), which means we鈥檝e got to savor every day we have left and make the most of it while we can. If you鈥檇 like some inspiration, you need look no further than celebs such as Lo Bosworth 鈥 she鈥檚 showing us how to make the It drink of the summer with an extra special ingredient to boot. Sarah Jessica Parker is also making the most of what she鈥檚 got, taking full advantage of nature鈥檚 provisions while the getting is still good, while Molly Sims found a creative way to beat the heat that will have your mouth watering before you ever even get a taste. Check out all the best celeb innovations this week has to offer below!

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1. Amy Sedaris: Amy Sedaris posted a charcuterie plate to put all others to shame in the form of this Barbie meat dress. We鈥檝e got a sneaking suspicion even Lady Gaga would be impressed with this one. The best part? This totally looks like something you can recreate at home with little more than a Barbie, prosciutto and some tinfoil.

On the way to cacio e pepe in MA, babies! 鉂わ笍

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2. Jenny Slate: Jenny whipped up a classic Italian meal (perhaps she was cooking for her new man, Chris Evans?), writing, 鈥淥n my way to cacio e pepe in MA, babies!鈥 Yum! Send some our way, please! PS 鈥 is it just us, or is Jenny TOTALLY channeling Baby Houseman from Dirty Dancing here?

3. Beverly Mitchell: The 7th Heaven star was all of us earlier this week, makeup-less and wandering the aisles of a massive IKEA. 鈥淣ot going to lie, found Ikea a little overwhelming today!鈥 she confessed. 鈥淔elt like I was trapped in maze runners! Now I have a lot to build!鈥 Adding the hashtags 鈥#project鈥 and 鈥#playroom鈥 to her caption to clue us in on her DIY endeavor, Beverly also used hashtags to own up to her makeup-free status. Never mind that, girl 鈥 you鈥檝e got this!

Goodnight 鉂わ笍

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4. Katie Holmes: Katie continues to show off her artwork, posting this whimsical piece that depicts an angel smelling a bouquet of flowers, along with the simple caption, 鈥淕oodnight.鈥

5. Bella Thorne: Bella fondly recalls how far she鈥檚 come in the kitchen, posting this #throwback of herself in action, along with the following: 鈥淭hrowback to one of my first times learning to cook. I thought it was good鈥ut damn it was pretty bad. Hahaha.鈥 Hey, we all have to start somewhere, right?

6. Rachel Bilson: Rachel poked fun at her own artistic skills, writing, 鈥淓ither my daughter is the most talented 20 month old in the world or her mommy is the most untalented鈥#unfortunatelyitsthelatter鈥#wonderpetsaremyworld.鈥 Erm鈥 impressive, Rach! *crying laughing emoji*

7. Haylie Duff: Forget Starbucks 鈥 Haylie Duff is showing us how to make our own iced coffee over on her blog, The Real Girls鈥 Kitchen. 鈥淪unday morning, brought to you by COFFEE,鈥 she entices us, along with this French press how-to vid.

8. Lo Bosworth: Lo made sure her guests wouldn鈥檛 be parched on her watch, concocting these oh-so-summery beverages to quench their thirst. 鈥淢y friends are en route and these tangy Moscow Mules are waiting for them,鈥 she says. She also spilled the beans about her secret drink weapon. 鈥淢y secret ingredient: a sweet ginger reduction that swaps out sugar for Splenda zero, making the mixing totally effortless!鈥 Find her recipe and method here. Thanks for the tips, Lo! You鈥檙e a gem.

9. Molly Sims: Molly shows off her creative (and adult!) way to beat the heat with these 鈥 wait for it 鈥 watermelon margarita popsicles. We know: We just screamed internally too. 鈥淚 love a good popsicle 鈥 especially if there鈥檚 tequila involved,鈥 she writes. Sounds like our kinda鈥 woman! Make her ingenious invention at home using the recipe here.

10. Sarah Jessica Parker: SJP excitedly shared her own homegrown grub with no shortage of enthusiasm. 鈥淎LL FROM OUR GARDEN!鈥 she writes excitedly. 鈥淵es I鈥檓 screaming. More where they came from. Lots more. Which I guess means more caps鈥︹ Nice work, Sarah: Those look delicious!

11. Tori Spelling: Tori appealed to our sweet tooth this week, showing off some 鈥渃onfetti blondie pops鈥 over on her blog that practically have us drooling. 鈥淗ow good do these look?鈥 she teases.

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