We’re all smiles here at Brit HQ about anything and everything remotely related to summer. Naturally, as the beauty-loving team that we are, exciting new nail polish colors are at the top of our agenda. When you’re completely over nail art, there’s no better way to make a “splash” into summer than with an aquatic blue or peachy-coral hue. Here are 20 colors that will allow you to channel your inner beach babe, even when you’re stuck in the office.

1. Zoya “Tilda” ($9): In case you haven’t heard, punchy kiwi colored nails are all the rage this summer! Pair with a bright orange accent nail for a quirky statement (or heck, go all out and create DIY kiwi nails!).

2. Revlon “Lime Basil” ($5): Make your friends green with envy with a highly pigmented green shade like this one.

3. Zoya “Kitridge” ($9): This pretty bubblegum shade is so pretty… you could say that we’re tickled pink over it!

4. OPI “Hotter Than You Pink” ($7): When a soft pink just isn’t cutting it, don’t hesitate to pull out all the stops with an ultra-girly shade of Barbie’s fave.

5. Essie “Master Plan” ($9): A cross between taupe and soft gray, this minimalist shade is a great alternative to your traditional nude polish. Not to mention, it’s flattering for all skin tones!

6. Essie “Urban Jungle” ($9): For every neon nail color you try on, you’re going to want a nice neutral to come back to. This clean, alabaster orchid hue can be worn as-is or jazzed up with a sparkly accent nail.

7. Nicole by OPI “The Next CEO” ($6): Just as its name suggests, be a boss with this shimmering metallic gold lacquer.

8. Revlon “Beachy” ($5): While you should never judge a book (or rather a nail polish) by its cover, this SCENTED nail enamel appropriately titled, “Beachy” says it all! Besides the fact that this coppery shade will look great paired with a tan, we can’t help but wonder if the polish really smells like the beach.

9. Nicole by OPI “That’s Just Grape” ($8): Why not opt for a deeper shade of violet that is both mesmerizing and irresistible in its own right?

10. Essie “Play Date” ($9) Pantone’s color of the year is this flirtatious shade of purple. Not to mention the fact that it’ll look amazing with your white shorts.

11. Essie “Turquoise & Caicos” ($9): This refreshing green hue keeps us grounded and at ease. It also happens to be the perfect color to have on rotation for weekends spent lounging by the pool.

12. OPI “Gargantuan Green Grape” ($9): There are few colors that are as sweet as this classic shade of mint. Plus, it’s reminiscent of our favorite flavor of ice cream (mint chocolate chip, natch).

13. Essie “Rock the Boat” ($9): Okay, this perfectly preppy shade of light blue has us thinking of nautical stripes, anchors and boat shoes. You, too?

14. Essie “Butler Please” ($9): Our comprehensive guide to summer nail colors wouldn’t be complete without a mesmerizing shade of blue. Here’s a bright cobalt that needs no introduction — it’s a game-changer.

15. Sally Hansen “Play Koi” ($5): Orange you so ready for summer? This citrysy shade is guaranteed to bring a bold pop to your nails.

16. Essie “Roarrrrange” ($9): One great thing about the color orange is that it’ll always keep you on your toes. So you better run, not walk, to snatch up this nail lacquer before it’s gone.

17. OPI “Color So Hot It Berns” ($8): Sorry-we’re-not-sorry, but red nails are kind of obligatory during the summer months. And every other month.

18. Zoya “Wendy” ($9): Having a coral crush is something that happens to the best of us… mostly because it looks amazing with a tan. It’s safe to say we’re hooked!

19. Sally Hansen “Dive In” ($5): Any nail lacquer that promises long-lasting, glossy nails is good in our book. This beautiful shade of teal is not only super wearable, but it’s also the epitome of summer (and will fit right in with our zany printed shorts).

20. Sally Hansen “Vanity Flare” ($5): This daring shade of purple was made for a little game of mix-and-match. In fact, we dare you to alternate it with “Dive In” for a standout manicure that rules them all.

Which nail polish color will you be wearing on repeat all summer long? Let us know in the comments!