If you were one of those kids who failed to understand why your breakfast couldn’t be made up of just marshmallows without any of those pesky cereal bits, then your childhood dream is about to come true. That’s because Lucky Charms is releasing marshmallow-only boxes… but there’s a catch.

Lucky Charms

The multicolored treats — hearts, stars, horseshoes, clovers, moons, rainbows, and balloons — are a classic morning treat for many, and while Lucky Charms always tricked us into eating our cereal by adding the yummy marshmallows, plenty of peeps will be beyond thrilled to find out that they can now nab marshmallow-only boxes.

However, there’s a catch. A *big* one. Not only will these boxes be limited (100,000 in total), but they won’t be sold in stores or online. Frankly, getting your hands on these marshmallow-only boxes will take a little effort and a lotta luck.

First, you’ll need to buy specially marked boxes of regular Lucky Charms, then locate the 14-digit code on the inside back panel and enter it at MarshmallowOnly.com. By doing so, you’ll either win a marshmallow-only box (which will be shipped to you in a few weeks) or else be left with just your regular ol’ bowl of cereal.

Though a dream come true for many, it seems as if only a few fortunate folks will be able to get their hands on these Lucky Charms.

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(h/t Thrillist; photos via Joe Raedle/Getty)