This season has brought us some of the hottest nail trends, from half moon manicures to #MalePolish. We’ve been double-tapping up a storm on our fave nail art Instas. What’s next on the trend train? A tried-and-true pattern we never fell out of love with. Yes, marble nails are still very much a thing, and they’ve got us feeling some type of way this fall. Here are 14 of our favorite marble looks for your viewing pleasure.

1. Acrylic Mix & Match: This acrylic set switches things up a bit by contrasting a plain pastel with marble patterns. The simple gold line on this set of marble nails adds an instant upgrade.

2. Natural Gray & White: If you skip the acrylics, paint your natural nails white before adding freestyle lines in dark gray for contrast. This look can be done at home or in the salon.

3. Mismatched Half Moon: This half moon and marble combo is everything. For a truly unique look, ask your manicurist to paint each nail a different color in half moon style, making one a marble pattern. That way you can have the best of both worlds.

4. Alternating Marble: Go with the classic marble colors of white and black and create contrast by alternating with neutral colors like silver and gray. If you’re feeling extra bold, add a little glitter to a few tips.

5. Marble Half Nail: Create some visual intrigue by painting half your nail in a bright color like aquamarine and the other half in a marble pattern. It’s a very mod twist on the upscale style.

6. Marble & Metallic: Paint your talons in hues of gold and matte black. Go the extra mile by incorporating a little extra length into the look with shaped acrylics. We spot a coffin nail!

7. Half Marble: It’s not quite the half moon, but it’s not full-on marble either. Ask your manicurist to paint half your nail set in swirling tones of copper and cream, leaving the bottom half bare. The result? A creamy, dreamy gel set.

8. Black Marble: Switch things up with a black base and white accent on your marble set. Wear this one as an acrylic or paint it straight onto your nails using a diluted white nail polish solution.

9. Blue Marble: Stand out from the pack with a blue marble look in shades of sky and cobalt. Choose darker colors to accent the pastel-dominated look for a unique take on the trend.

10. Monochromatic Marble: Go the monochromatic route for a classy and sassy style. Pick one overall theme color, then add uniform patterns sparingly throughout.

11. Bedazzled Marble: Want to make your marble pop even more? Decorate your digits with odds and ends like this standout manicure. Glue on a few buttons or bedazzle it.

12. DIY Marble: So you don’t want to shell out the cash for a salon visit? No worries. Create your own marble look by using what’s in your beauty drawer. No worries about a few mistakes with this forgiving pattern.

13. Coffin Marble: The marble trend generally looks best on acrylic nails, but it looks even better on coffin acrylics. Make it pop more by incorporating some matte gray action.

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14. Watercolor Marble: Model your nails after a Monet painting with a watercolor effect. The mix of colors on this one looks like something you’d find on a wall in the MoMa.

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