Oh, s鈥檓ores, how we love 鈥檈m! That gastronomical delight combining ooey-gooey marshmallow with luxurious chocolate鈥 Then the graham cracker crunch at the end simply gets us every time. But fluffy, marshmallow-y goodness doesn鈥檛 have to be confined to campfire cooking. If you truly *heart* marshmallow, it鈥檚 time to up your homemade marshmallow game 鈥 and we鈥檝e got just the inspiration you鈥檝e been craving. Scroll on for 13 irresistible whipped, roasted and toasted marshmallow recipes.


1. Nutella Fluffernutter Cupcakes: This treat takes everyone鈥檚 fave throwback sammy to a whole new level. Heavenly peanut butter cupcakes are filled with marshmallow fluff, then topped with Nutella frosting. The combo is every bit as yummy as you recall. (via Life, Love and Sugar)


2. S鈥檓ores Custard Cake: This s鈥檓ores custard cake approaches the pinnacle of s鈥檓ores reinventions. Velvety cr猫me br没l茅e is layered with crunchy streusel and draped in rich chocolate 鈥 all offset by a super light meringue. The tastes and textures mingle like a gourmet party in your mouth. (via Hint of Vanilla)


3. Dark Chocolate Marshmallow Cake With Raspberry Buttercream: Dark chocolate lovers will *heart* this cake, which calls for a touch of coffee to bring out all the mocha goodness. Raspberries always pair well with chocolate, but the real star here is the marshmallow filling 鈥 crisp and perfect with toasty burnt-sugar goodness. (via Tidy Mom)


4. Homemade Gluten-Free Vegan Moon Pies: No, you鈥檙e not seeing double 鈥 it鈥檚 a double-decker moonpie that鈥檚 gluten-free and double the delicious. Marshmallow cream is sandwiched between graham cracker cookies, then covered completely in chocolate, and finally repeated. And you might want to make a double batch because everyone in the house is gonna want one, or two鈥 (via Fork and Beans)


5. Snowball Cupcakes: OMG! It鈥檚 everyone鈥檚 fave retro Hostess SnoBalls, but made completely from scratch. Bite into that moist chocolate cupcake, topped with a heaping mound of fluffy marshmallow frosting and coated in pretty pastel coconut. This one will take you back in the most delicious way. (via Baking a聽Moment)


6. Sweet Potato Pie Bars: If your favorite dish at the Thanksgiving table is always the mashed sweet potatoes with marshmallow, you are going to flip out when you taste these pie bars. The crust is thick and buttery, the filling is velvety and the marshmallow topping is light as a cloud. In a word, it is heavenly. (via Handle the Heat)


7. SnoBall Brownies: These brownies are a tasty twist on Hostess SnoBalls. Melted chocolate bars make the brownies *super* fudgy, while the marshmallow fluff is divine. Call all your friends; it鈥檚 time to jump into the food truck time machine. (via Confessions of a Cookbook Queen)


8. Fluffernutter Cake: One bite of this cake will remind you of a fluffernutter sandwich, but sweeter and nuttier. Peanut butter cake is topped with marshmallow frosting and garnished with chopped up chocolate peanut butter cups. Take one to your next picnic and you鈥檒l be the belle of the BBQ shindig. (via Sally鈥檚 Baking Addiction)


9. SnoBall Cake Roll: We鈥檙e on a SnoBall roll (hiyo!), with dark chocolate sponge cake, marshmallow buttercream and toasted coconut all rolled into one. The pi猫ce de r茅sistance here is the marshmallow buttercream. You *will* lick the bowl鈥 and the spoon鈥 and that鈥檚 perfectly okay. No guilt trip here! (via Sprinkle Bakes)


10. Elvis Fluffernutter Cupcakes: Did the King of Rock 鈥榥鈥 Roll really eat peanut butter and banana sandwiches? Unless the Elvis spotters break out some ghostbuster tactics, the world may never know. What you *can* know for sure is this namesake banana cupcake with whipped peanut butter filling and fluffy marshmallow frosting is 100% for real and 100% delicious. (via Treats +聽Eats)


11. No-Bake Peanut Butter Marshmallow Bars: These tasty treats are great for summer, because you can whip 鈥檈m up in about 10 minutes without turning on an oven. They call for just four ingredients 鈥 butter, peanut butter, butterscotch chips and marshmallows 鈥 and the taste is pure peanut-fudge perfection. (via Confessions of a Cookbook Queen)


12. No Bake Fluffernutter Parfaits: Featuring layers of crushed peanut butter sandwich cookie, marshmallow cream and a rich and delicious peanut butter mousse, these parfaits are full of creamy-crunchy goodness that hits the sweet spot. Peanut butter peeps of all stripes 鈥 creamy and crunchy 鈥 will find them deeply satisfying on *every* level. (via The Gold Lining Girl)


13. S鈥檓ores Cheesecake: If cheesecake and s鈥檓ores had a baby, it would look like this. Luscious whipped cheesecake is poured into a graham cracker crust that鈥檚 layered with chocolate and marshmallows, then the whole sweet deal is topped with hot fudge sauce and toasted marshmallows. Eating s鈥檓ores with a fork may seem like a criminal offense, but we鈥檒l risk it. (via Will Cook for Smiles)

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