Friends gave us plenty of belly-laughs and giggle-worthy moments, and one moment that stands out is the season 6 episode in which Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) attempted to make Thanksgiving dessert and ended up with a meat trifle. As disgustingly silly as that scene was, Matt LeBlanc has just revealed a detail that makes it even more hilariously gross.

Due to cookbook pages that stuck together and resulted in Rachel combining a trifle recipe with a recipe that tells you how to whip up a shepherd’s pie, the dessert that she presented to her guests was definitely questionable. But her dear friends still ate it in order to keep from hurting her feelings.

And while the dish sounds nearly inedible, Matt LeBlanc says that, initially, the IRL food wasn’t that bad. “What we were actually eating was not that,” the star we came to love as Joey Tribbiani explained while sitting down for an interview with The Graham Norton Show. “Storywise, it was just whipped cream and some bananas or something.”

However, he went on to reveal that the crew’s attempt to keep them from eating a nasty surprise was accidentally thwarted. LeBlanc says that when David Schwimmer tried to down the dessert while filming, the actor who played Ross started to laugh so they stopped the take.

“As we were cutting, he kind of spits it back on his plate,” LeBlanc said. “And I’m looking the other way. I didn’t see him spit it back on the plate, so I take his plate and go ‘Give it to me,’ and scrape some on my plate … and then we [start filming again], but now I’m eating it. We finished the take. No one said anything to me!”

That’s right Matt LeBlanc ate food that David Schwimmer had just spit out. Ew! Also lol!

Apparently, he only found out later on, during the show’s wrap party while watching the blooper reel, and his reaction was pretty much exactly what you’d expect. Check it out in the interview below.

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(photo via NBC/Getty Images)