It’s finally happening! After years of rumors and teases about the Mean Girls musical, we now have our first peek at the new Plastics via Entertainment Weekly, and they look just as stunning and vicious and intimidating as we hoped they would. The photo debuted on Tuesday, but from the looks of the pic, it’s Wednesday in their world, because they are definitely slaying pink.

As previously reported, the mean girls will be played by a trio of young Broadway veterans (yes, you *can* be young AND a veteran of the stage). Ashley Park is taking on Gretchen Wieners (who was portrayed by Lacey Chabert in the film); Kate Rockwell will be transforming into Karen Smith (Amanda Seyfried’s role in the movie); and Taylor Louderman will play queen bee Regina George (originally immortalized in the realm of teen movies by Rachel McAdams). Erika Henningsen (not pictured) will play Lindsay Lohan’s part.

Tina Fey — who wrote the 2004 movie and has been working on the upcoming musical for five years with husband Jeff Richmond, lyricist Neil Benjamin, and director Casey Nicholaw — talked to EW about the cast, and explained why each actress is perfect for her role. “Taylor Louderman not only has this giant voice and great comic timing, but she instinctively understood the idea of Regina George, that there’s power in making people come to you,” Fey told EW. “She knows exactly when to play things really small, and there’s so much power in it, and I think she’s at times so wonderfully scary but so funny.”

The Emmy winner also expressed her excitement about the other cast members, saying, “Kate Rockwell so quickly found the zone of the sweetness that’s at the core of Karen. And Ashley has this incredible, beautiful voice, but also this nice timing and this fragility of Gretchen, because Gretchen’s, like… just barely hanging on to her status and her sanity.”

Mean Girls will premiere at DC’s National Theatre on October 31 for a trial run before heading to Broadway.

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(Photo via Paramount Pictures)