You know we love a good DIY project around the holidays, but between shopping and cooking and eight nights of gifts, sometimes it’s best just to place an online order and save some time. That doesn’t mean you have to settle for an old-fashioned menorah though. When it comes to menorahs, there’s a little bit of everything out there, from traditional candelabra to geek chic, but everything we have here is totally modern enough for your festive pad.

1. Jonathan Adler Relief Menorah ($68): Minimal ribbing on high-fired stoneware makes this a great tabletop piece to have year-round, and it’s a perfect blank slate for colorful candles.

2. Yair Emanuel Painted Jerusalem Metal Menorah ($55): On the flipside, the colors sing on this painted laser cut figurine of Jerusalem – designed in the city itself.

3. Cork Menorah ($60): It’s no secret we love cork and all of its many uses, so we’re obviously digging these big and small menorahs, which will go amazingly with your DIY trivets and name tags.

4. Building Block Menorah ($24): Getting the kids involved in lighting the menorah has never been so easy. You get 40 blocks, nine candle holders and zero melted LEGOs.

5. Star of David Travel Menorah ($135): Hitting the road this holiday season? Avoid feeling homesick and take this collapsible menorah along for the ride to bring a bit of Hanukkah to the hotel.

6. Chalkboard Menorah ($20): Here’s another clever way to get the kids involved in lighting without having to hand them the matches.

7. Brass Floating Menorah ($250): This is one of the priciest menorot on the list, but it’s also one of the loveliest, especially with those groovy tie-dyed candlesticks.

8. Tequila and Oak Wine Barrel Menorah ($75): For something a little more tongue-in-cheek, this is the perfect menorah. What looks like a contemporary centerpiece is actually constructed from reused oak wine barrel staves and the necks of Patron bottles.

9. Rock Menorah ($179): This is another pricy piece, but the art deco/cubist sculpture will do more than light up your window at Hanukkah; it will also make an excellent addition to the mantel throughout the year.

10. Stackable Travel Menorah ($158): Combining the travel set and the building blocks above, this colorful pack can be turned into a different menorah every night.

11. Tree Menorah ($79): This menorah is simple and traditional while still being contemporary. Plus, it makes a subtle nod to the tree of life.

12. LED Motherboard Menorah ($14): We’re GEEKING OUT over the mother(board) of all menorahs. It runs on a 9V battery and you “light the candles” with the flick of a switch. Maybe it will inspire you to try your hand at LED Electronics 101!

13. Jonathan Adler Bel Air Menorah ($198): Unlike the first menorah on the list, this mod Jonathan Adler creation does NOT shy away from color, which is what makes it so awesome.

14. Nambé Illume Menorah ($175): Add this whale-like menorah to our favorite animal-inspired home decorand Hanukkah decor.

15. Jonathan Adler Ceramic Animal Menorahs ($128): Oh, and these too, obviously. The elephant is super sweet (as per usual with Jonathan Adler), while the Solid Brass Bird takes the cake for most expensive menorah. But honestly, who wouldn’t want to show that off on the windowsill?

16. Modern Menorah ($59): The candlesticks are sold separately, but we insist you choose super tall slim ones like in the photo for the full geometric effect.

17. Manzanita Candelabra ($99): If you’re using the tree menorah above on your dining table, then this romantic branch candelabrum will make the perfect accompaniment for when you retire to the sitting room.

18. Geometric Menorah ($115): We love the unique mix of this origami design, handmade in Israel. It puts a super modern twist on Jewish tradition.

19. Silver Menorah ($40): Speaking of tradition, this Crate & Barrel item has the most conventional menorah shape in the entire list, but the handcrafted metalwork and rough finish makes it a perfect final touch to your home during Hanukkah.

Which of these candelabra makes for the perfect modern twist on the festival of lights? Let us know in the comments below!