With every internet trend, there are winners and there are losers. Now, we don鈥檛 want to be too harsh here, but if you鈥檝e attempted the mannequin challenge 鈥 like sports teams, Ellen DeGeneres, politicians and even Adele 鈥 you may have done well, but Microsoft just beat you. The tech company took the mannequin challenge to the next level by incorporating their HoloLens.

The HoloLens is a camera that basically lets you bring holograms to life. In the Microsoft mannequin challenge video, that means freezing butterflies, flipping pancakes mid-air and even a dragon breathing fire. The result is a super high-tech rendition of the mannequin challenge that puts every other video to shame 鈥 even if Microsoft forgot to add the signature 鈥淏lack Beatles鈥 song.

So unless you鈥檝e got a spare dragon laying around, you may just want to forfeit this round. But now that brands are jumping in on the mannequin challenge, the trend may be over anyways. So it鈥檚 just time to sit and wait for the next viral challenge 鈥 although maybe file away the HoloLens for future reference.

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(h/t The Verge)