There are plenty of tools + tips to keep your work days stress free and extra productive, but if you just can’t download another app or don’t want to pin another checklist to your virtual and IRL bulletin boards, we have another solution. Scents. That’s right — whether you have a “too many tabs” problem or a daily “there’s not enough time” crisis, go au naturale and give aromatherapy a shot at solving them. Try stashing one of these 10 essential oils around your desk or whip up one of these scented creations to make every day at the office better than the one before.

To Calm You

Jasmine + Lavender: According to Women’s Health, the aroma of jasmine has a calming + relaxing effect. Rub it on your skin or indulge in some jasmine-spiked tea and you’ll be relieved of stress. Additionally, by breathing in the scent of lavender you’ll be feeling less like Jessie Spano in *that* SBTB episode no matter what your to-do list looks like.

DIY This: Jasmine Solid Perfume: Mix jasmine essential oil with natural beeswax and Jojoba oil to create this appealing scent for your skin. Apply a little before a meeting or interview and you’ll be feeling optimistic and confident, while staying worry free throughout your chat. (via Building 25)

DIY This: Lavender-Eucalyptus Diffuser: While there are plenty of essential oils with various benefits, this one is best suited for the workspace. Make a pot of this for the office and everyone’s stress levels will be low. (via Hello Natural)

To Fight Headaches

Rosemary + Lemongrass: Rosemary has numerous benefits that might make your 9 to 5 and beyond better, including improved memory, mood elevation and better circulation. The most rewarding, however, has to be its ability to help in fighting headaches and migraines — a trick lemongrass has up its sleeve as well. If you’re at home, you can cure a migraine by heating up rosemary in a bowl of water and leaning over it for 10 minutes, but in a pinch, keep these stashed in and around your desk…

DIY This: Lemongrass + Rosemary Salt Scrub: Rub some of this scrub on your skin — or even your forehead — to kick that head pain away. Use the scrub as preventative care and put a little on every day after lunch. The scent is sure to be better than the remnants of whatever you brought in your Tupperware. (via AO Life)

DIY This: Rosemary + Lemon Potpourri: The herb has a ton of perks — key being it’s a migraine fighter. Keep a fresh pot of this concoction in the office on the reg for all of your colleagues to lean over when the ache comes around. (via Mother Thyme)

To Keep You Energized

Lemon, Orange + Grapefruit: The citrus fruits come in handy during cold + flu season for obvious reasons (vitamin overload!). In addition to supporting the immune system by indulging in them, upon getting a whiff or two you’ll be feeling fully energized and ready to fight mental exhaustion. Whoever said caffeine was the only way to get a jolt in the morning hasn’t met a citrus scent.

DIY This: Lemon Lavender Candles: Light one of these citrus candles up and you’ll be calm, cool, collected and healthy all week long. The bonus lavender will chill you out as well. If you’re not able to light a candle at work, this one still gives off a delish scent (we know, we used to have them at the office!). Just make sure to toss once the lemon starts to go bad. (via Brit + Co)

DIY This: Orange Face Mist: Spray some of this orange mist on your face to keep you feeling fresh and alive, even if it’s only 8am. (via The Chic Self)

DIY This: Grapefruit Body Spray: If you’re feeling a little low energy midway through the day, spritz this on your body or clothes and you’ll be uplifted before you can respond to that email. (via Thank Your Body)

To Keep You Focused

Cinnamon: Did you know cinnamon is filled with productive properties? It’s true; the aroma of the spice stimulates concentration and reduces drowsiness. So indulge in some cinna-scent every day around 3pm ;)

DIY This: Apple Cinnamon Body Scrub: Mix up this spice + fruit to dip into throughout the day. Fight that afternoon brain slump by rubbing this on your arms or legs, allowing you to feel more concentrated and focused all the way up to 5pm (or later). (via Pretty Plain Janes)

To Increase Productivity

Mint + Peppermint: Yep, the leaves are perfect for brainstorm sessions. The fresh scent acts as a stimulant while also invigorating the mind, promoting concentration AND fighting mental exhaustion. The best perk, though, is that both stimulate clear thinking. Take a whiff and then get to brainstorming that next big idea.

DIY This: Mint Air Freshener: Throw some mint leaves into a Mason jar and bring it into a brainstorming session. The scent will allow creativity and productivity to flow from everyone in the room. (via Thistlewood Farms)

DIY This: Peppermint Lip Gloss: You’re going to want to put this gloss on before a big meeting — or just every half hour. Some lip balm action can give you so much life. (via Spoon Fork Bacon)

Which beneficial office scent will you be adding to your desk? Let us know in the comments.