Everyone’s on board with equal pay, right? We know the wage gap is real and that it affects all women (some more than others), but it still exists. Well, we have some good (and bad) news. A recent study from the University of Warwick and the University of Wisconsin looked at statistics from more than 4,600 workers across more than 800 employers and found “no support” for the idea that the pay gap exists because women simply don’t ask for what they deserve. So women are indeed speaking up when it comes to pay raises. Take that, haters.

woman on the background of business people

Although the research was done in Australia, the results can be a good indicator of behavior in other countries like the UK and US. The study’s other finding is that while women are asking for pay raises, they’re STILL much less likely than men to actually get them — a whole 25 percent less likely, to be exact. Ugh.

However, when the data is broken down by age, they found women under 40 are receiving raises at the same rate as their male colleagues. “Young women today are negotiating their pay and conditions more successfully than older females, and perhaps that will continue as they become more senior,” said co-author Dr. Amanda Goodall.

The bottom line? Millennial women are negotiating their salaries more successfully than previous generations of women, so hopefully, we’re on the right track to take down that wage gap once and for all.

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