There鈥檚 no denying that we鈥檙e eagerly awaiting the return of The Mindy Project come February 14 (yep, they couldn鈥檛 have picked a better day!), not to mention getting ready to laugh our butts off at Tiny Fey in Baby Mama on HBO, which is why we couldn鈥檛 be more thrilled to hear the news that BOTH ladies are working on hilarious new shows. Here鈥檚 the deets on the two new comedies sure to be your new faves 鈥 that is, if we ever get to see them!

Tina Fey and Mindy Kaling

NBC has just ordered a handful of new pilots that will possibly fill out next season鈥檚 lineup, and the two that we鈥檙e most excited about come from a pair of the funniest ladies in the biz.

Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling won鈥檛 be the star of her currently untitled new comedy, but she will pop up as the former high school fling of character Vince: a gym owner with a lot of charisma but no ambition, who lives with his gorgeous-yet-dopey younger bro, Michael. Life for the fellas gets a little nutso when Priya (played by Mindy) shows up with 鈥 surprise! 鈥 Vince鈥檚 teenage son (who he of course knew nothing about). Definitely plenty of potentially quirky scenarios in this sitch.

Tina Fey

From Tina Fey, we鈥檙e getting The Sackett Sisters, the story of two estranged siblings who, according to The Hollywood Reporter, perform 鈥渁n act of public heroism and are forced to navigate the aftermath together.鈥 Though Tina won鈥檛 actually star in the show herself, she鈥檒l act as executive producer, which means it will have her (hilarious) stamp of approval.

Both sibling-based shows sound like they鈥檙e worth a few laughs, so we鈥檒l definitely be keeping our fingers crossed that these pilots are picked up by the big bosses over at NBC!

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(h/t The Hollywood Reporter; photos via NBC + Steve Granitz + Laura Cavanaugh/Getty)