Getting over a breakup can be excruciating. While recent studies show that your brain may be releasing hormones that make you want to text your ex, that won’t stop your BFFs from giving un-scientific advice on how to move on. You could also take your cues from Katy Perry, who chopped off all her hair after breaking up with Orlando Bloom. Or you could listen to Miranda Kerr (who was once married to Orlando Bloom), who has a surprisingly holistic approach to dealing with heartbreak (though hopefully she won’t have to worry about that anymore!).

“After Orlando [Bloom] and I separated and I was quite depressed, I spoke to my aromatherapist in Australia,” Kerr tells Well + Good. “I’ve used aromatherapy before — I use lavender to sleep and I love it — but she made a special blend for me that would soothe and nurture my heart.”

Essential oils are a natural girl’s go-to for so many things, from stress relief to boosting the immune system to beauty routines. You may already use eucalyptus to ward off a cold, but Kerr’s heartbreak concoction is next-level.

So what’s in it? Rose otto (for confidence boosting), cedarwood and sandalwood (which soothe), and ylang-ylang (for stress reduction and joy boosting). Kerr tells Well and Good that the effects were immediate — and intense. “I thought it was such a magical oil,” she says. “It feels like I’m getting a hug — that’s how transformative it feels. I keep it in my handbag now at all times.”

Kerr recently launched her own Kora Organics line, and, yep: the Heart Chakra Aromatherapy Oil is part of it (you can get it at Sephora for all your heartache needs).

We’re already all-in on all things aromatherapy, but this might just make us kick it up a notch.

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(h/t Well + Good; featured photo via Frazer Harrison/Getty)