Crafted for the pet who has everything, these luxurious beds are more a statement piece than just any ol’ place for your pup or kitty to catch their Zzzs. Instead of detracting from your decor like that lumpy pillow you’ve been using, these stylish lounges could become an attractive piece of sculpture that you won’t mind looking at. Check out our favorite 20 pieces that appeal to both the design and the dog lover in us.

1. The Cinder Pet Bed ($333): Clean and simple, this box bed contains a pillow for ultimate coziness.

2. Mini Pipe Dream ($1700): Is that art or a pet bed? We love the polished wood design element of this piece.

3. Mod Orange ($125): Two for one, a snazzy orange bed that comes with coordinating dishes on modern metal legs.

4. Kitty Pod Bed ($150): Just as cute as a very stylish pea in a pod.

5. The Bright One ($1500): An acrylic orange oval that is reminiscent of Fido’s old bean bag.

6. pEi Pod: ($129): Available in trendy colors like bright pink and mint green, this sleek egg is easy to clean and easy on the eyes.

7. Siro Twist Bed ($400): We love the natural fiber of this asymmetrical woven basket bed.

8. Dog Pod ($899): Made with polished birch, design fans with dogs have found their home’s perfect match.

9. Modern Cat Cave ($450): You might think this was just a minimalist speaker until Kitty sticks her head out!

10. Holden Unique Bed: ($315): We’re a little jealous of how comfortable this curved wooden bed looks.

11. High Backed Wooden Bed ($505): You can select different woods and cushions for the perfect accent piece to your living room color palette.

12. Cat Scratcher Lounge ($50): This cool looking swirl doubles as a stylish scratch post.

13. Chic Pallet Bed ($160): So cute, especially with that added accent pillow.

14. Acrylic Bed ($1400): For the ultimate in trendy pet ware, check out this elegant acrylic bed that will literally blend into your decor.

15. Tennis Ball Heaven ($285): Actually we just adore the neon aspect of this geometrical bed.

16. Chaise Lounger ($225): Now your pooch can enjoy the sun right alongside you.

17. The Beehive ($178): A hanging cat bed?? We’re not sure if our cats would use it, but we love the way it looks!

18. Bambu Hammock ($300): We appreciate that this colorful hammock is big enough for even the most elaborate of stretches as evidenced above.

19. Petal Cutouts: Doubling as both a side table and a crate, we love the multifunctional aspect of this hangout spot.

20. Wall Mounted Kitty Shelf ($200): No one puts Kitty in the corner! Okay, maybe just add her to the gallery wall.

Would your pets take a snooze in these stylish beds? Let us know in the comments below!