We鈥檙e almost at the weekend! Kick-start your day with Kim Kardashian鈥檚 extreme pregnancy plans, a Carpool Karaoke with a twist, and more of today鈥檚 top news stories in this TGIF edition of Morning Buzz.

1. Kim Kardashian wants more kids, despite being told she鈥檇 be putting herself at risk by getting pregnant again. But she鈥檚 revealed to her family in a new KUWTK promo that she鈥檚 planning on doing whatever she can to try 鈥 including having uterine surgery. 鈥淚 have to go in and prepare my uterus because I decided I want to try and have one more baby,鈥 she told her shocked-looking family. 鈥淚 have to have a surgery on my uterus to kind of prepare this hole, so they need to, like, clean that out and then there鈥檚 scar tissue.鈥 Sounds intense.

2. Lauren Conrad and her baby bump are having a picture-perfect Babymoon. LC took herself and her soon-to-be-baby on a beach vacay, posting a pic of her baby bump and pretend margarita lounging by the water. 鈥淏abymooning and pretending my blended lemonade is a margarita,鈥 she wrote in the dreamy pic. Won鈥檛 be long 鈥檛il you can have one of those, girl!

3. Victoria Beckham and James Corden put a weird little twist on their Carpool Karaoke sesh. Okay, this is too much of a tease! Beckham and Corden DO sing 鈥淪pice Up Your Life,鈥 but it鈥檚 only a small slice of this segment, which actually serves as a trailer for a fake remake of the 鈥80s movie Mannequin. Here鈥檚 hoping we get the full Carpool Karaoke video soon.

4. Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn has offered to testify in the Russia questioning in exchange for immunity. The FBI has been investigating Russia鈥檚 possible election interference and possible coordination with Trump鈥檚 associates, and now Flynn, who resigned from his position in January after it was reported that he kept his conversations with the Russian ambassador quiet, is offering to speak if he is protected from 鈥渦nfair prosecution.鈥 His attorney Robert Kelner said in a statement that Flynn 鈥渃ertainly has a story to tell, and he very much wants to tell it, should the circumstances permit.鈥 (h/t NYT)

5. Google鈥檚 new fitness feature will change your workout game (for better or worse!). Reserve with Google will enable you to search for nearby fitness classes that still have availability and book it on the spot. This basically means no more excuses, but look 鈥 more spin classes mean more reasons to treat yo鈥 self on the way home, right? RIGHT?! (Photo via William Vanderson/Getty)

6. Quote of the day: 鈥淲ith amazing family, friends and fans, I鈥檒l be just fine!鈥 Jodie Sweetin breaks her silence after her ex-fiancee鈥檚 arrest with a sweet and simple reminder of the power of community in a time of need.

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