A good hiking boot is equal parts durable and awesome. It’s comfortable, protective and has the ability to hold up under pressure long after it’s achieved that perfectly worn-in aesthetic. And if your outdoor adventures tend to lean a little more toward glamping than camping, well, there are boots for that. From ultra-comfortable to extra-fancy, here are a few of the best hiking-inspired boots for adventurous soles and souls alike.

1. Frye Sabrina Boot ($298): Stacked heel, leather laces and a lugged sole, these combat-style boots are well worth the price tag. Plus, we’re not sure we’ve ever heard a bad thing about Frye boots. Ever.

2. Rugged Lace Front Boot ($70): Don’t let their smooth soles and lightly refined appearance fool you. These boots are the perfect glamping companion. Cute enough to make you feel put-together and comfortable enough for walking, they’re officially the best of all cozy camping worlds.

3. Hiker Heel ($91): Inspired by true hiking boot aesthetic, this wedge heel features all the classic details, like durable construction, d-ring eyelets and statement-making laces. Consider it for your colder weather endeavors.

4. De Blossom Oscar Boots ($40): Extra-long laces and unique interwoven strap details give this otherwise straightforward boot a quirky fashion update.

5. Gatineau Boots ($330): The contrast between this boot’s rugged leather and heavy duty sole and its sweet, cozy knit inlay makes us want to curl up next to the campfire on a frosty fall evening, preferably with a bag of marshmallows in one hand and a bar of chocolate in the other.

6. Minnetonka Triple Fringe Boot ($64): Three (three!) tiers of fringe, a reinforced toe (for nature hikes) and a textured rubber sole make these pull-on boots among the most enviable in our roundup for all walks of life. We’ll take them!

7. Woolrich Rockies Grey Hiker Boot ($220): Bright yellow laces. Tweed paneling. Extra cushion. These boots are the real deal, plus a healthy dose of awesome.

8. Woolrich Roadhouse Stripe Tall Boot ($350): Have a horseback ride on your glamping agenda? You definitely need these boots.

9. Ginger Sherpa Heeled Boot ($220): It’s entirely possible that these boots are the coziest glamp-worthy shoes we’ve ever seen. Their stacked heel, however, is definitely best for sites with level terrain or a day in the city where you want to put off those outdoor vibes.

10. Faux Leather Hiking Booties ($33): Can you picture it? You, these shoes and the closest mountain top. Buffalo plaid shirt not included.

11. All Star High Top Sneaker ($70): One more for the brightly colored shoe brigade, these berry sneakers aren’t exactly hiking boots, but we’re pretty sure the rubber (read: waterproof) high tops and traditional Chuck Taylor comfort make for the perfect adventure-primed pairing.

12. Minnetonka Tramper Ankle Boot ($60): More Minnetonka, please! A soft, lace up boot with that same textured sole and oh-so-comfy feeling. These boots are perfect for early mornings by the campfire, coffee in hand.

13. Jeffrey Campbell Cantrell Hiker ($195): Traditional with a twist, these lined hiker boots have that chunky, textured, I-can-go-anywhere feeling.

14. Matt Bernson Maitland Hiker Lace-Up ($345): These genuine leather boots are practically begging to be matched up with your favorite pair of thick, woolen, glamp-friendly socks. And maybe a pair of boyfriend jeans.

15. Tapestry Trim Booties ($220): These sleek, straightforward stunners combine unique, printed details and a heavy dose of handmade care. Hello, lovely.

16. Woolrich Rockies Stipe Hiker Boot ($220): What is it exactly about bright laces and d-metal hardware that makes a glamping-ready girl’s heart beat just a little bit faster? We’re still trying to figure that one out, but in the meantime, find us here, ogling these boots and dreaming about the perfect hike.

17. Teysha Peace Boot ($265): Hailing from Austin, Texas, Teysha joined us for Re:Make this past weekend. Their boots are custom made for you in Guatemala using traditional textiles applied in a more modern day way. Let’s just say that everyone at Brit HQ is feeling pretty fly in their new kicks this week.

Did you find the glampworthy boots you were looking for? Let us know which hiker-style shoes you like best in the comments below!