As rent costs continue to skyrocket, the appeal of micro apartment living does too. Not everyone (make that… no one) can live in a paper replica of the Friends’ Apartment, so making the most of limited square footage counts.

Muji, the Japanese retailer (think IKEA but sleeker!) that sells affordable, design-forward products for the home, just created a masterpiece of a micro apartment. It’s so minimal you’ll feel like you’re in a cozy fine arts gallery — except that touching and lounging is allowed.

This is the space: a vertical three-story Tokyo apartment that’s prefab and keeps on-trend with kyosho jutaku, which means building smaller and smaller units. Gorgeous, right? Come on in and stop and stare.

Muji seriously was not playing around with space at all. The ground floor of this apartment is the sleekest storage area/garage we have ever laid our eyes on.

Do a twirl and witness the most put-together utility area you’ve ever seen. The Container Store, who?

Now it’s time to climb some stairs. Staircases are central and integral to the design of this space as Muji, like a ton of architects in large cities, steered away from walls and ceilings as much as possible to maximize the tight space. Lots of open, airy space means so much room for extra decor (and party guests).

As you can see, the second floor is split between a dining room and living room. Both spaces could even fit a dinner party (champagne and hors d’oeuvres are a must!).

The second floor was gorgeous and fun, but we’re not gonna lie, we love sleeping. So, let’s take it to the top (and never, ever stop!) to the bedroom.

Can you believe how large this bedroom area looks thanks to the magic of minimalism? Look, there’s even a desk for work or play.

Now maybe you won’t be so terrified of the 300 square foot apartment options available on Craigslist after visualizing everything you could possibly do with it.

Which floor or design element of the Muji micro apartment are you going to implement into your space? Let us know in the comments below.