If you’ve been asked about the theme of your wedding, chances are music isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. But tunes are often a common thread early in a relationship and can hold a lot of sentimentality for many couples. That’s why we think a musically themed wedding is a fantastic way to celebrate your love with family and friends. From sock hop to festival to rock concert, a music theme makes for a great way to show some personality with all sorts of touches. Here are some of our favorite DIY wedding ideas for the best favors, decor and centerpieces to make your reception really sing.


1. Floral Guitar Decor: Add a folksy, Americana touch to a rustic wedding with guitars strewn with flowers. Everyone will be swooning over this romantic touch. (via Milou + Olin Photography)

record guest book

2. Vinyl Record Guestbook: Ditch the traditional guestbook in favor of more interesting options. Case in point: These vinyl records that’ll make guests feel like they’re giving you their autograph. (via Intimate Weddings)


3. Tambourines as Favors: While tambourines might feel like they belong in a band camp supply closet, we’re here to refute that misconception. The instruments make a great noisemaker following your announcement and make a great favor. (via Jen Rodriguez)

Amp Dessert Table

4. Amp Dessert Table: Who says your theme can’t extend to your furnishings? Use speakers of varied heights to create a visually interesting dessert spread. (via Love by Lynzie)

Poster Favors

5. Concert Poster Favors: Take it back to the days of dorm room glory with a baller poster commemorating the best day ever. A poster this sweet could even double as wall art. (via Joshua Gull)


6. Victrola Decor: Throwing a vintage-inspired bash? Grab a victrola to purpose as decor, and be sure to play some older swingy classics to really set the mood. (via Love Exposed Photography)

record centerpieces

7. Beatles Records as Centerpieces: This Beatles-themed wedding is spot on, even down to the centerpieces. Take the best love songs the foursome recorded and have at it. (via Carolyn Scott)


8. Festival Passes as Escort Cards: Channel Woodstock with sick backstage-pass-style escort cards that double as a unique keepsake for guests. Bonus points if you arrange your tables by favorite classic rockers. (via Tiffany Arment)


9. Music Note Cookies: Is there a more delicious way to include music in your wedding? (Nope.) Sweeten the occasion with frosted cookies like these — trust us, no one will be mad at it. (via Bee in Our Bonnet)


10. Cassette Escort Cards: Take a trip down memory lane to the days when mix tapes were love notes. Reminisce by including these cute cards in your reception. (via Love and Lavender)


11. Tape Deck Invitation Suite: Play it up with cassette tape save the dates, invites and RSVP cards. (via Korie Lynn)


12. Harmonica Escort Cards/Favors: Harmonicas just might take the cake when it comes to creative favors. This is so on point for the Johnny-Cash-themed affair this photo hails from. (via John Robert Woods)

Save the Date

13. DIY CD Cover Save the Date: Craft up a sampling of what friends and family might be hearing on the big day, then make these CD covers to ship ’em out in. (via Brooklyn Bride)


14. Jukebox as DJ!: Save cash on the DJ by renting a jukebox for your big day. This puts a lot of trust in your guests, but it’s also a surefire way to keep the fun times rolling the whole night long. (via Love My Dress)

Will your wedding have a theme? Tell us about it in the comments!