How many swipes does it take ‘til you get to the bottom of the nail polish bottle — the world will NEVER know. It’s impossible. How could you?! My signature shade (coral for toes) barely has a dent in it and don’t even get me started on those so-haute-right-now hues I bought and thought I would rock regularly. Believe it or not, fluorescent yellow is just not this blonde, 20-something woman’s color.

Newsflash for your nails! Sephora’s new nail polish Press Pods are dropping this spring and ready to revolutionize your manicure in a couple coats. The pods have specialized, built-in brushes and enough polish to cover ten nails in two coats. Maybe a pedi in three?

Coming to in late April and to stores in early May, the Press Pods will be sold in a 24-piece set of Sephora’s favorite Formula X shades for $39. You’ll have the opportunity to sample some of the company’s best-selling shades before you commit to a bigger bottle. And since we’ve come to the conclusion that nail polish has an obnoxious lifespan, this is a serious decade-plus commitment you could be saving yourself from.

And, actually, we might have an idea or two for that leftover nail polish

Would you pick up Press Pods? What other beauty products would you want to see try this idea?