Think of how many different ways you can serve up a boiled egg: deviled and bite-sized, atop some filling avocado toast, stuffed inside some chicken salad sandwiches. Heck, you can even eat them bright and colorful for Easter鈥 or any day. Now think about how much time you鈥檝e spent peeling stubborn shells. That鈥檚 the cruel irony about boiling eggs: They鈥檙e simple to cook, but tough to crack. Meet the Negg Maker.

The Negg Maker is an ingenious concept for peeling boiled eggs. Once you鈥檝e boiled your egg, dunk it in some ice cold water and pop it into the Negg Maker with a splash of water. Then, in the immortal words of Taylor/Outkast/KC and the Sunshine Band: shake, shake, shake. The egg shell falls away in just seconds.

How can something so simple work so quickly? The secret is in the physics of the design. The Negg Maker may look like a humble plastic container, but it has a row of bumps to fracture the shell, as well as a tapered outside wall. This accelerates the flow of the water you add in, loosening the egg white from the membrane. Prefer your eggs a little runnier? All you need to do is add a little more water and shake a little less vigorously. Either way, out comes your perfectly peeled egg, and as a bonus, egg shell cleanup is a breeze.

Negg Maker 4

The Negg Maker is raising money on Kickstarter this month, with the goal of shipping out in March 2016. Nab one for yourself with a backing of $18.

What鈥檚 your favorite recipe for using hard-boiled eggs? Let us know in the comments!

(Photos via Negg Maker)