As if you weren’t already busy, add on a new baby and you can go ahead and multiply your to-do list by infinity. Okay, so it’s not that bad, but a little extra help here and there can be lifesaving for a new mama. That’s where delivery services come in. Once you have a newborn, they mean SO much more than takeout. Check out these super helpful services you’ll want to bookmark for those early days when you can barely find time to shower.

1. Amazon Family: This is a biggie — it covers all the bases, and saves you even more than the online retailer’s regular deals. Prime members get Amazon Family for free, plus discounts on diaper subscriptions, exclusive coupons, free two-day shipping, and much more. Not only can you get all that baby stuff delivered to your doorstep, but you can stream movies and some of your fave TV shows for free.

2. Honest: Your baby needs diapers and wipes. Rather than dragging baby to a brick-and-mortar store, look to The Honest Company for all your baby’s bum needs. Their diapers are eco-friendly and lotion- and fragrance-free, and come in a pretty rad selection of prints.

3. Carried Away Chefs: This one is only available to NYC mamas, but if you’re in the service area, this is an amazing amenity. Carried Away’s personal chefs create and prepare customized meals for busy New Yorkers right in their own homes. No more reheating freeze-dried or frozen meals — it’s all fresh.

4. PeachDish: Get a subscription, pick your meals, and receive automatic weekly deliveries. Oh, and if you’re mommy braining it right now, PeachDish will choose for you! You do have to do the cooking, but you don’t have to do the meal planning or grocery shopping. They offer an array of options, including vegetarian meals, gluten-free recipes, added courses, SuperFoods, and quick fixes. Foodies will enjoy the revolving menu that will make you feel like a Top Chef contestant (think blackened catfish tacos with peach crema, Georgia-grown ribeye with bacon butter, or eggplant and goat cheese stacks). Yum.

5. Terra’s Kitchen: These pre-prepped meals only take between 15-30 minutes to cook — that time saved is a major bonus with a new baby. Instead of the typical frozen package of food, this delivery service ships using sustainable “vessels” that the shipping company picks up and sends back for Terra’s Kitchen to reuse. They’ve got more than 50 meal options, and they’re all based on the Mediterranean diet, which supposedly reduces inflammation and has cardiovascular benefits.

6. Rinse: Who has time to wash clothes? Rinse allows you to schedule pick-ups via their website, an app, or text. You get color-coded bags for dry cleaning, wash and fold, or hang-dry clothes. They’re currently only serving the San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Washington DC areas, but there are similar services available in other locales.

7. Ecocentric Mom: This one’s a monthly subscription box that delivers eco-friendly products right to your doorstep. Even if you weren’t exactly an eco-warrior in your pre-baby days, you may have a new desire to help the planet out and make your home safer for baby. Each month you can expect 5-9 all-natural, healthy, organic items. These may include personal care, baby, or healthy home products.

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