As if trying to stay calm through pregnancy’s nine months of bulging belly, swollen feet, achy back, and morning sickness weren’t enough, you capped the whole thing off with a day’s worth of labor. Oh yeah, and then finally pushed another human being who was roughly the size of a small watermelon out of you. Whew! You’re one tired mama. Happy, in love, but tired. But there are never enough hours in the day, and it feels like the guilt over all the things you can’t (or don’t wanna) do is gonna get to you. Before you curl up and cry, check out these guilt traps you can toss right now.


1. Cleaning — Anything: The dust bunnies are waging their own war, and scaling the laundry pile rivals a climb up Mt. Everest. Being a grown up means keeping a spotlessly clean home… right? Sure, there are basic points of hygiene we all need to take care of, and no one’s saying that a hoarder-level home is okay. But cleaning probably isn’t at the top of your list of priorities with a new baby at home. Don’t stress if your tile isn’t shimmering or you’d rather snuggle up with baby instead of vacuuming. Eventually, you’ll get to it. If not — you can always hire a pro to help out!

2. BFF Time: Unless we’re talking about your preschool-aged daughters, don’t guilt yourself over temporarily skipping out on time with your girls. Your BFFs will totally understand. (At least, they should.) Your friends are some pretty rad ladies, and they want the best for you and your new kiddo. If skipping out on your regular girls’ night out is what has to happen right now, so be it. Ditch the guilt: In time you’ll feel comfortable enough leaving your newborn for the night that you’ll actually enjoy some grown-up fun (drinks included!).


3. Cooking Meals: Your S.O. is jonesing for your famous seven-layer veggie lasagna, and you’d love to make it. But you’d also love to take a shower, nap, change your clothes, shave your legs, or do just about anything else other than spend even an hour stuck in the kitchen. Even if cooking is your passion, you just might not be feeling it as a new mama. Right now you’re in mommy-mode and seldom have eyes for anything else. There’s no reason to feel guilty about skipping out on the cooking. Your partner can handle it for now — and if you’re flying solo, that’s what takeout is for!

4. Dressing Baby Like a Celeb: You scored on baby clothes at your shower. Even though they’re only a newborn, your baby now has more adorable outfits than you do. So you probably should start dressing them in perfectly coordinated legging and sweater combos or fitting their tiny little head with an oh-so-sweet faux flower headband. Or… not. No one is going to blame you if that beautiful baby of yours is only wearing a onesie or stays in their romper. They’re not walking the red carpet just yet.

5. Inviting Everyone Over: It seems like every person you’ve ever met wants to come over and see the baby. While you welcome some of the company — especially your ever-so-helpful mother, who is pulling diaper duty and cooking you dinner — you really aren’t up for entertaining. The house isn’t exactly in top shape, and you’re wearing sweats and a scrunchie (yes, a scrunchie). Even though you’re about to indulge in a heaping helping of guilt, just say no (to the invites and the guilt). This is family time, and everyone else needs to respect that.

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