Chef Gary Jones wants to change the way the world eats, and he’s starting one meal at a time — at Walt Disney World.

The esteemed chef and Disney veteran straddles the worlds of culinary innovation health and wellness; in fact, he works with both teams at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando to ensure that no one misses out on anything just because of a dietary restriction. That, and of course, that the food is delectable.

Lately, he’s been working on creating “craveable” plant-based meals, in hopes that vegans and carnivores alike will enjoy the health benefits (and lessen their environmental footprint) without sacrificing the delicious flavors of a Disney dish.

Ahead are three options you’ll find at Walt Disney World, all at the newly renovated Caribbean Beach Resort’s Centertown Market. In addition to these three, you’ll also find a spicy jackfruit-carnitas burger and plant-based Caribbean tacos!

1. Island “Eggless” Salad Sandwich ($10): Lest we say this is even better than the real thing? It may in fact be. Here’s the description: “House-made “Eggless” Salad blended with Tofu, Broccoli, Vegan Mayonnaise, Dijon Mustard, Sweet Potatoes and Apples on Lettuce and Tomato in Multigrain Bread.” DELISH!

2. Plant-Based Create-Your-Own Dinner Bowls ($11): It may look like a steak-and-slaw bowl, but it’s totally plant-based. This delicious and healthified dinner is filling, saucy, and satisfying. And it’s 100 percent vegan.

3. “Cheese Steak” Griddled Seitan ($11): Philadelphians will even be fooled by this new twist on a carnivore favorite. Using gluten-based seitan for the cheese and plant-based “steak,” this sandwich is scarily similar to what you’d find at Pat’s or Geno’s. 10/10.

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(Photos via Dominique Michelle Astorino)