It鈥檚 2015, and there is no longer one way to properly celebrate Valentine鈥檚 Day. Whether you鈥檙e having a romantic date night or gathering your girls together for a wild night out, the only thing certain is that it鈥檚 definitely an excuse to do something fabulous with your hair. A perfect updo might look complicated, but if you can master the basic braid, a few twists and the occasional accent piece, you鈥檒l be on your way to accomplishing an updo before you鈥檝e had your morning coffee.

loose bun

1. The Loose Bun: This romantic bun is perfect for a refined look that still manages to showcase your playful side. (via Anne Sage)


2. The Scarf: Adding a scarf to your hair is an easy way to pull together your entire outfit, all while ensuring your locks stay in place. (via Irrelephant)


3. The Messy Chignon: This approachable updo was made for the busy gal who wants to look effortlessly gorgeous in seconds. (via Irrelephant)


4. Faux Feather Hawk: Why not use Valentine鈥檚 Day as an excuse to whip out those extraordinary accessories you鈥檝e got tucked away? Those feathers will only complement all those sleek twists in your hair. (via Brit + Co)

5. Curly Hair Pinup: If you鈥檙e rocking long curls but want a shorter 鈥榙o for your night out, Chescalocs is your girl. This style will frame your face nicely, making bold lips a must with this look. (via Chescalocs)


6. Romantic Braids: The whimsical detailing in these barrettes + braids brings to life all of our fairytale dreams. (via Anthropologie)


7. Edgy Updo: Inspired by a look that Carrie Underwood once rocked on the red carpet, this hair lets everyone know you鈥檙e super glam. (via Brit + Co)


8. Bobby Pinned: Let鈥檚 be honest, we all have hundreds of bobby pins. Instead of hiding them behind the scenes, embrace them as part of your updo. (via Allure)

9. Chignon: This tutorial walks you through the steps to create a fancy red carpet chignon, and also gives tips if you鈥檙e thinking of incorporating hair extensions into your date-night look. (via Signature Series)

curls and braid

10. Half-Up Braid: The combination of curl and braid makes this 鈥榙o completely swoonworthy. (via The Small Things Blog)


11. The Side Braid: Transform a braid from basic to glam with a few extra twists. (via Real Simple)

12. Half Braid聽for Short Hair: The only accessory you鈥檒l need for this updo is a little black dress. (via Brit + Co)

Are you putting a spin on your usual updo this Valentine鈥檚 Day? Let us know in the comments.