We know quite a bit about Prince Harry’s GF — and possibly soon-to-be fiancée — Meghan Markle (who, as her pal Priyanka Chopra reminded us all on Wendy Williams the other day, has plenty of her own merits to speak of, thank you very much). We know her three major fashion muses, for instance (no, they’re not Royals) and the feature she refuses to let be photoshopped.

The one thing we didn’t know is apparently her name. That’s right! According to Elle, Meghan Markle’s first name isn’t actually Meghan at all, but Rachel. Wait — say wha?

While anyone looking hard enough (read: Googling) is likely to have already stumbled upon this info, it came as a shock to us after reading what is actually her middle name in headlines countless times over.

Whether the actress simply thought the alliteration of her middle and surnames was a better fit for showbiz or merely wanted to separate herself from her Suits character (also named Rachel), we may never know, but she certainly wouldn’t be the first celeb to change up their moniker to suit her career: Lana del Rey is actually Elizabeth Grant (!!!) and Miley Cyrus was born Destiny Hope Miley Cyrus, just to name a few.

We, for one, think Meghan “suits” the actress just fine.

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(h/t Elle; Photos via Alberto E. Rodiriguez/Getty)