Kale began its world domination of all things hip and healthy back in 2012, and so far, our voracious love of all things 鈥渒ale鈥 doesn鈥檛 seem to be slowing down, especially with kale sales going up a whopping 31% last year. While we鈥檙e not sure we believe the rumors that our crazy consumption is leading to a kale shortage, we鈥檙e always interested to see what new, undiscovered veggie superfood is waiting to hit the spotlight. In this case, it might actually be a vegetable we鈥檝e already seen before. Welcome, Broccoleaf: the leafy part that grows around the head of broccoli and gets discarded before the florets even hit the grocery store.


The leaves look like collards and apparently have a much milder taste than kale. Because of its mild taste, it is better for smoothies and juicing than kale and is loaded with all the superfood qualities we鈥檝e come to expect from our trendiest foods. A single serving of broccoli leaves has an entire day鈥檚 worth of vitamins A and C and also rocks more calcium, iron and potassium than our friend kale. Plus, broccoleaf is better for the environment because it鈥檚 something that usually just gets discarded.


So broccoleaf seems like a win-win situation on all fronts. The only thing standing in its way is getting people to try part of a vegetable that they didn鈥檛 know was edible. Maybe kale can offer some tips on how to go from unwanted dinner garnish to #1 superfood.

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(h/t Fast Company )