There’s no such thing as having too many ice cream recipes. Even in the dead of January, you can make some revolutionary winter ice creams or wine ice creams that will warm your soul. If you’ve been holding out on making your own homemade frozen desserts just because you don’t have a machine to prepare them in, you’ve been missing out this whole time. No-churn recipes have come a long way recently and yield the same luxurious texture of their more laborious counterparts. Use National Ice Cream Month (every July!) as an excuse to fill your freezer with all of the ice cream you can fit, using these 18 no-churn recipes. Keep reading to find out which one(s) will be your new faves.


1. Birthday Cake Crunch Ice Cream: You don’t have to wait for your birthday to make this ice cream. It has everything from a homemade white chocolate magic shell to crunchy cookie pieces and chunks of cake. The texture alone is enough to make you come back for more. (via Bitz and Giggles)


2. Brigadeiro Ice Cream: You’re just five ingredients away from the most luscious chocolate ice cream of your entire life. This Brazilian treat has a surprise fudgy center that will send you into a straight-up food coma. But it’s worth it! Trust us. (via Olivia’s Cuisine)


3. Butter Pecan Ice Cream: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Butter pecan is a classic flavor that isn’t going anywhere, and the good news is that you can make it without an ice cream machine! Say goodbye to all of your late-night grocery store runs whenever that craving hits. (via Zagleft)


4. No-Churn Brownie Caramel Ice Cream: Who can say no to creamy vanilla ice cream with chunks of brownie and swirls of caramel? Even if you’re gluten intolerant, you can say YES to this tasty dessert, because the brownies are sans gluten. Alternatively, you could sub them out for any GF cookie or cookie dough you like. (via Grain Changer)


5. Pineapple Upside Down Cake Ice Cream: This icy take on the vintage baked good is a remake we’ve all been waiting for. Drizzle the top of your cones with homemade caramel to mimic the sugary topping you’d find on the original cake. (via The Simple, Sweet Life)


6. Mocha Almond Fudge Ice Cream: Coffee lovers, meet your new favorite ice cream! You can even adjust the amount of coffee in the recipe according to your preferred buzz level. Add hot fudge and chopped almonds to the base and dig in! (via The First Year)


7. Lemon Supreme Ice Cream: With just four ingredients, you can enjoy major flavor payoff. Store-bought lemon curd packs a punch, and lemon Oreos add texture and even more tanginess to the ice cream. Talk about a refreshing dessert on a hot summer day. (via I Wash You Dry)


8. No-Churn Apricot Raspberry Swirl Ice Cream: This recipe is the perfect opportunity to use up some of the summer’s best seasonal fruit bounty: apricots and raspberries. The two are wonderful when paired together, and create a unique ice cream that you can make at home with ease. (via Kitschen Cat)


9. No-Churn Blackberry Dark Chocolate Cheesecake Ice Cream: Most no-churn recipes use a combo of heavy cream and sweetened condensed milk to mimic the texture of traditionally prepared ice cream. This one uses cream cheese to give it that cheesecake essence and keep the ice cream ultra-creamy. (via An Edible Mosaic)


10. Two Ingredient No-Churn Coconut Ice Cream: We’ve already given you five- and four-ingredient ice cream recipes, but a two ingredient recipe is too good to be true, right? Wrong. Using only heavy cream and cream of coconut, you can get a simple yet flavorful scoop that tastes like a tropical vacation. (via Kirbie’s Cravings)


11. No-Churn Marshmallow Cookie Dough Ice Cream: Melted mini marshmallows and marshmallow vodka lend their subtle campfire taste to this cookie dough ice cream. You may want to make extra of the egg-less cookie dough, because there’s likely to be lots of snacking along the way. (via Crumb Kitchen)


12. No-Churn Samoas Cookie Caramel Ice Cream: Now you can have your favorite Girl Scout cookie all year long and in ice cream form. Go above and beyond with homemade shortbread cookies, caramel and dark chocolate chunks. Top with toasted coconut for that final Samoas touch. (via Gringalicious)


13. No-Churn Sweet Corn Butterscotch Ice Cream: And the award for originality goes to… this sweet corn ice cream! If you’ve never thought of using corn in your ice cream before, you should reconsider. Butterscotch schnapps adds an extra punch and enhances the corn flavor so much, you’ll be craving it for the rest of summer. (via Kudos Kitchen)


14. No-Churn Vanilla Bean Ice Cream: You have to have a classic vanilla bean ice cream in your recipe arsenal. This one certainly delivers, and will change the way you eat and make ice cream forever. (via The View from Great Island)


15. No-Churn Vietnamese Iced Coffee Ice Cream: Vietnamese coffee is traditionally served with sweetened condensed milk, which makes it a great contender for a no-churn ice cream transformation. The result is spot-on flavor that you scoop instead of sip. (via Hapa Nom Nom)


16. S’mores Ice Cream: It’s not summertime until you’ve had your first s’more of the season. If you opt for this ice cream instead, you get the same taste without *most* of the mess. (via Sweetest Kitchen)


17. No-Churn Vegan Strawberry Coconut Ice Cream: Where there’s a dairy-filled dessert recipe, there’s always a vegan version waiting to be made. This strawberry ice cream uses coconut cream to give it that signature richness while keeping it vegan-friendly. (via Jessica in the Kitchen)

Whisky Hazelnut Ice Cream

18. Whiskey Hazelnut No Churn Ice Cream: We all have those days where booze AND ice cream are a total necessity. Combine the two with this whiskey-spiked hazelnut ice cream that you can keep in your freezer for emotional emergencies. (via Natural Girl Modern World)

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