We鈥檝e heard a ton of unique baby names over the years, but a French couple just opened the gold sealed jar on one of the, um, nuttiest.


According to a report from聽La Voix Du Nord, a couple in the French city of Valenciennes tried to give聽their child the name of everyone鈥檚 fave chocolate hazelnut spread, Nutella. Apparently in this town baby names have to be approved by the courts (we鈥檙e on the fence if this is a good or bad idea鈥) and the judge ruled the addictive聽spread name forbidden for a human. The court鈥檚 decision stated, 鈥淭he name 鈥楴utella鈥 given to the child is the trade name of a spread. It鈥檚 contrary to the child鈥檚 interest to be wearing a name that can only lead to teasing or disparaging thoughts.鈥 We can totally think of a few other names that should receive this ruling鈥


The judge renamed the child Ella (who may turn out on the naughty list, way to go judge) because the parents failed to attend聽their court-appointed renaming meeting. We鈥檙e gonna guess the Nutella-loving couple will聽continue calling the baby聽after the chocolatey goodness 鈥 while indulging in a jar with a side of baguette聽鈥斅爓hether that鈥檚 their newborn鈥檚聽legal name or not.

Have you ever considered naming your baby after a piece of pop culture? Let us know in the comments.