If you’ve ever taken photos of New York City‘s landmarks while thinking to yourself how beautiful they are, well, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Artist Trina Merry was so inspired by the sites and skyline of the city that she decided to combine them with her ultimate forte, body painting. Yup, that’s right, this incredibly talented body painter took her craft to the streets to paint models so intricately that their bodies blended in with the actual city.

Merry wanted to engage her subjects with the city, while giving herself the opportunity to observe and understand it at the same time. So with a serious amount of patience and a lack of inhibition on each model’s part, she is able to paint bodies so carefully and skillfully that, to the eye, they really become a part of the landscape and their surroundings. Once her work is finished, she photographs them against the scenery, leaving viewers mesmerized by the blurred lines between body and background.

The models are required to stand topless in the streets (which is totally allowed in NYC!) while she gauges them as a blank canvas against the backdrop. Merry paints them to camouflage within the backgrounds, which have included the Brooklyn Bridge, Guggenheim Museum, Empire State Building and Central Park. The photos she takes of her work are a part of her Street Art Camouflage series, which just began a few weeks ago. So, if you happen to be in NYC in the near future, keep your eyes out for this blended street art and get ready to take in the sites from a whole new perspective.

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(h/t Flavorwire)