Working a desk job is exhausting. Really, working any job is exhausting. And after your daily grind, it can be so hard to find the motivation to get your body into the dance studio or butt on the bike at SoulCycle. Maybe you’re more productive doing desk exercises at work than trudging to the gym every day. If that’s the case, here are a few ways to add healthy habits to your work day despite the time and energy suck of a nine-to-five.

1. Stand Steady Standing Desk ($350): Ergonomics tell us that your screen should be at eye level, and your typing surface should be at the height of your elbows. You can buy this best-selling desk on Amazon, or make a DIY standing desk.

2. Nalgene BPA-Free Water Bottle ($11):Staying hydrated is great for a number of reasons. Not only can you suffer negative health effects if you’re chronically dehydrated, but drinking a lot of water will also suppress your appetite. Drinking water all day stops you from eating just to eat. It’s possible that when your body tells you it’s hungry, it’s just thirsty.

3. Fitbit Alta ($129+): Down with the wearable tracker craze? Use a Fitbit to start competitions with your coworkers as a prime incentive to prioritize exercise… even if it is just walking more than usual. You’ll find yourself requesting more walking meetings or walking an extra block to pick up lunch.

4. Nike Tanjun Running Sneakers ($50+): A classic office hack is to bring sneakers and spend your lunch sweating instead. If you have sneakers right at your desk, you have no reason not to get moving and get your blood flowing. Even if you don’t hit the gym or go for a lunch-break run, you can at least go for a leisurely walk through the office or do a couple laps up and down the office stairs to stay fit.

5. Exerpeutic Exercise Bike Desk ($219): This contraption is intense, but it’s probably as close to a full-fledged workout as you can get while in the workplace. While not practical for all office environments, this is an excellent cardio hack for those who work in nontraditional offices and cool startups, or work from home.

6. Swopper Stool ($700): If you’re looking for a healthy way to sit all day, this stool will develop better posture and balance. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, check out the Wobble Stool ($150).

7. Dynapro Exercise Ball ($26): We’ve long heard about the benefits of using exercise balls as office chairs. Instead of settling idly and droning on with your work, you can instead engage your core for a more effective and healthy desk setup. Beyond potentially seeing benefits in your midsection, you will likely also see improvement in your posture. That’s a win-win scenario at an inexpensive price.

8. DeskCycle ($160): The DeskCycle is silent (and we mean silent) and it’s also inconspicuous, making it a great way to get some exercise done while you work. You can also do some HIIT (high-intensity interval training) throughout the day to really see the benefits and get some desk-friendly cardio.

9. TrekDesk Treadmill Desk ($600): This TrekDesk product is said to attach to virtually any treadmill. Yes, even traditional treadmills. Complete with ample working space and two cup holders, this is a productive component for a healthy office set up, whether you’re in a large office or working from home. If you don’t have a treadmill or can’t work from home, you can use this treadmill desk on its own as a standing desk.

10. Rebel Under Desk Treadmill ($1,000): No assembly is necessary for this under desk treadmill; it arrives fully assembled and ready for your enjoyment. (Or for your torture, depending on how you look at it.) If the price of a full treadmill is overwhelming, you’re not alone. But don’t be discouraged. Many companies will provide you with certain accommodations such as standing desks and desk treadmills as a way to keep their employees healthy and productive.

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