We鈥檝e seen some really delicious advancements from our fave fast foodie staples over the past few months and the latest just might be coming to a city near you. Olive Garden just made a mobile announcement that could up its street cred. That鈥檚 right, Olive Garden is hitting the streets with its very own food truck serving up its brand-new hot + fresh breadstick sandwiches. We promise we won鈥檛 tweet Domino鈥檚 pizza emoji or scout a booze-ready Taco Bell while we wait in line. LOL, who are we kidding 鈥 we want it all.

olive garden food truck breadstick sandwiches

The Olive Garden food truck is currently serving up pedestrians in New York before heading out on a cross country road trip to places like Utah, Arizona and Florida. If this feels exciting but also weird 鈥 why wouldn鈥檛 you want to just make the trek to the 鈥榖urbs and sit down at an OG restaurant with unlimited salad + breadsticks?! 鈥 there鈥檚 a reason behind this mobile moment. It鈥檚 to promote the Italian chain鈥檚 recently launched breadstick sandwiches.

olive garden food truck breadstick sandwiches

You did hear about those right? First, there鈥檚 the chicken parm breadstick sandwich 鈥 crispy chicken, homemade marinara + melted mozzarella deliciously placed between two breadstick buns. Need this now. If that doesn鈥檛 get you hyped enough there鈥檚 also the Italian meatball sandwich 鈥 meatballs drizzled with marinara and alfredo sauces temptingly assembled between the iconic breadsticks. Seriously, we need these in our stomachs immediately. Sorry diet.

While you can totally order one of these 鈥 or both! 鈥 at an Olive Garden restaurant during lunch (with unlimited breadsticks still, FYI), why not go all out and make it a special moment with the truck. Track its location on Olive Garden鈥檚 Breadstick Nation website where you can enter for a chance to win free Olive Garden lunch for a year *immediately submits all our information*.

Will you be visiting Olive Garden or one of its food trucks to indulge in a breadstick sandwich? Let us know in the comments.

(Photos via @missmorgangreene + Olive Garden)