Domino’s must have paid attention to that Venmo study that revealed pizza is what we spend the most $ on because soon (next week!) you will be able to order a pie by simply tweeting the pizza emoji at the company. Convenience or laziness? That’s up to you, pizza (emoji + food) lovers ;)


USA Today reports that the pizza provider will begin an ordering service called “tweet-to-order” on May 20 where all you have to do is tweet @Dominos pizza emoji to place a delivery without picking up the phone, visiting Domino’s website or even opening up an app. Apparently the Push for Pizza, one-tap delivery app was just too much work.

While this is a totally effortless ordering system, there is a little setup required. According to The Verge, those who want to take advantage of the emoji ordering must first set up a Domino’s Pizza Profile (sounds better than a Facebook profile, TBH), activate the easy order option and add their Twitter handle to their Domino’s account. Once all of that is ready, all slice-hungry people have to do is tweet #EasyOrder or that pizza emoji to @Dominos, confirm the order via DM and wait for the doorbell to ring.


Although Amazon has tried a similar tweet-to-buy service for shopping, Domino’s is one of the first restaurants to take on Twitter for completing an order and it is a uniquely impressive task, but we can’t help but feel a little terrified for all the customer support people on the social media platform — so many orders at once to so many Domino’s worldwide! — and the laziness of ordering a pizza (bad enough in general) by barely lifting a finger. Couldn’t setting up the system and tweeting every time you want pizza possibly end up taking longer than picking up the phone?

With more and more companies branching out into new delivery options — like Chipotle + Starbucks — and Google even launching an order via search function, we can’t help but feel like all these food conveniences are making things a little too lazy. Here’s hoping our innovations don’t actually turn us into those people from Wall-E.

Will you be tweeting pizza emoji for a Domino’s delivery? Let us know in the comments.