Olivia Culpo basically always looks amazing 鈥 which shouldn鈥檛 really surprise anyone, given her pageant queen roots. The former Miss USA turned style star maintains an arsenal of fashion and beauty secrets that keep her looking picture perfect at all times, including when the weather heats up (and looking fresh is a challenge). Lucky for us, Culpo is willing to share her hacks (yes, please) on how to stay cute in the heat, what trends she鈥檒l be trying this summer, and why Blake Lively is her style crush. (Photo via Pascal Le Segretain/Getty)

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Brit + Co: Okay, tell us all your secrets for staying cute when it鈥檚 hot out, please and thank you.

Olivia Culpo: I start with great moisturizers 鈥 for all over. I go with a tinted body moisturizer for my legs, especially, since in summer we all show more skin. I鈥檓 obsessed with Supermodel Body by Charlotte Tilbury. I also use Evian Mineral Water Spray to hydrate and set my makeup (it also removes perspiration). I use Degree UltraClear Black + White Spray Deodorant ($5) to avoid staining my clothes because ruined white tee shirts (AKA: sweat marks) are just a sad situation. Plus, I drink a ton of water and always have my SPF.

B+C: What trend(s) are you going to be living in this summer?

OC: A corset belt, for sure. I鈥檓 also always into high-waisted jean shorts, off-the-shoulder shirts, or anything one shoulder. Geometric cutouts are on my list too. And slides! They鈥檙e everywhere and so comfy to slip on for the pool, for travel, or the beach. I鈥檝e also been seeing a lot of headscarves that I think will be fun for summer.

B+C: Any trends you hate/will be avoiding?

OC: I hate wearing socks with sandals but I don鈥檛 anticipate seeing that this summer so I think I鈥檓 in the clear. (Photo via Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for Lucky Brand)

B+C: What labels are your favorites right now?

OC: For beauty, everything from Charlotte Tilbury. I also LOVE the Dior brow styler in Universal 鈥 it literally works for everyone! I鈥檓 also loving Dior for fashion, especially their chokers!

B+C: You seem to be up for trying all kinds of styles. Is there anything you will never wear?

OC: I鈥檓 pretty open to trying anything so I don鈥檛 like to say never! (Photo via Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Amazon)

B+C: You鈥檙e a lot of people鈥檚 style crush (raises hand). Do you have a crush of your own?

OC: Blake Lively is always a little over the top, glitzy/glam but without being tacky or overpowering. She is definitely a style icon!

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