After Gwyneth Paltrow made a decision to keep the picks in her annual goop gift guide “as much as possible around the $100 mark,” we were left with a lot less to gawk at than usual (and that $4,000 gold juicer got old real fast). But never fear: The Olsen twins are picking up where Gwyn left off with their own list of holiday must-haves, and so far, it’s the most lavish celebrity gift guide of the season.

Mary-Kate and Ashley kept their wish list short, sweet and super exclusive, curating a selection of five luxury items especially for clients of their fashion brand The Row that are only available at its flagship LA store. Picks include both vintage and modern pieces for both men and women, like a rare Van Cleef lighter, a deck of vintage Cartier playing cards and Palo Santo smudge sticks — we’ll file those under “hostess gifts” — and rounds out with a duo of The Row accessories, a striped cashmere scarf + thin textured belt, that act as staples of any cold weather outfit.

Erase all thoughts of a possible splurge now: the goods are each tagged “price upon request,” which usually translates to “astronomically pricey” (yep, even the smudge sticks). But that doesn’t mean your dreams of gifting an Olsen-approved anything are completely dashed this holiday. With pieces in the twins’ Stylemint jewelry collaboration coming in at $40 or less, it’s like MK + A answered our call for impeccably chic and affordably priced goods with “You got it, dude!” So shop that gift guide and leave this one for your daily dose of ohhs and aahhs.

What’s the most outlandish gift guide you’ve ever seen? Tell us about the most opulent gift you’ve ever gifted in the comments below.

(h/t + Images via Elle)