Green is the new black on Instagram, and the latest *pandan* trend is the proof. The South Asian equivalent of vanilla extract, pandan is used in baked goods to intensify the flavor of sweet ingredients like fruit and sugar. And like its lookalike cousins green tea and matcha, it turns everything a gorgeous Pantone Greenery color that’s all the spring food inspo you need right now. Pandan popped up recently in mermaid toast, and now we’re seeing it in everyone’s FAVE waffles. Scroll on to see 14 Instagrammers who are proving pandan waffles are the new food trend to follow.

1. Green Day: Start the morning right with a little green food inspo at brekkie. It’ll put a spring in your step that will fuel you through your day.

2. Breakfast in Bed: You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to get some pandan waffles in your belly. You need these in your life RN!

3. Caffeine + Green: Reward yourself after your morning hike, bike, or yoga practice. Go on; you’ve earned it.

4. Triple Trendy: When you top pandan waffles with coconut and jackfruit, you’d better fire up your best and brightest phone filter. This breakfast is ready for its close-up now.

5. Everything’s Bigger in Texas: They’re serving up pandan waffles plate-size in Katy, TX. And is that black charcoal in the batter? Hybrid trend for the win!

6. We HEART Pandan: Every day is like a vacay day when you’re chowing down on these babies for breakfast. Pass the syrup PUH-lease!

7. Flour Power: This one’s for all the grain-free peeps. They’re made with coconut flour, so you’re looking at pure GF goodness.

8. Short Stack: When pandan is in the batter, you’d best churn out a bunch. By the time fresh-cooked pancake scents start warming up the house, everyone at the table is gonna want some.

9. We’re All Ears: Break out that Classic Mickey waffle iron and grab the pandan extract. Everything tastes better when it comes in fun shapes and colors.

10. Green Team: This chicken and waffle combo comes with a side of green tea syrup. We’re obvi *green* with envy.

11. Waffles a la Mode: Top your pandan waffles with a double scoop of ice cream. Ask for two forks, because it’s nice to share.

12. Rainbow Waffles: When you can’t decide between the red velvet, the black sesame, the ube, or the pandan, just say “I’ll try one of each.” No one’s judging you here.

13. Pandan + Pandan = Yum: Nothing beats a pandan waffle — unless it’s a pandan waffle with coconut ice cream topped with pandan syrup. You’ve gotta HEART Vietnamese street food at its best.

14. Uber Ube: Pandan and ube is like a match made in heaven. It’s *almost* too pretty to eat.

14. Midnight Run: Waffles aren’t just for breakfast. It’s good to always keep some pandan in the pantry for when the post-Netflix munchies come calling, because… THIS.

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