There’s nothing better than coming across some stellar artwork that sparks your creativity. Whether you’re an artist yourself or simply a spectator, it’s always inspiring to see what makers can do, and in this case, draw. These 25 seriously talented artists make us want to whip out a pen and start doodling.

1. Elizabeth Graeber: This girl is amazing. She creates funky portraits of people, animals, plants and food that make you smile. You can purchase her food pics here. (via Elizabeth Graeber)

2. Ricardo Solis: How did the cheetah get his spots? They were painted on by little men, of course. You may remember Ricardo from our recent feature on his crazy-awesome animal illustrations. He plays on the funny theories behind why animals look the way they do. (via Brit + Co)

3. Natsuki Camino: This Japanese artist creates whimsical illustrations made of torn paper. Her portfolio is filled with brightly colored scenes that depict the jetsetting life of the rich and famous. (via Taiko + Associates Co)

4. Ana Paula Dias: Ana is a graphic designer and illustrator with a quirky style. Beauty essentials have never looked so good. (via Cargo Collective)

5. Erin Gleeson: Erin was a food photographer in New York City who moved to the woods in NorCal and started a blog. She posts what she likes to call “photographic recipe illustrations” that are seriously frame-worthy. We don’t know what makes us drool more — the image or the recipe. (via The Forest Feast)

6. Naomi Wilkinson: British illustrator Naomi Wilkinson has a zany style that we’re pretty much in love with. The one above is entitled “Swimming Pool,” but there’s a lot more to look at in her portfolio. You can also purchase her prints at her Etsy shop! (via Naomi Wilkinson)

7. Johanna Burai: The creator of these seriously adorable bird posters is a Swedish artist named Johanna Burai. Her portfolio includes some pretty interesting and eclectic works, including rad pillowcases with Biggie and Tupac’s mugs on ’em. (via Johanna Burai)

8. Grace Lee: This Tokyo-based freelance illustrator has a body of work that makes us swoon. If we had to pick a favorite, it would be this Parisian piece, but there are lots more to choose from. You can buy her prints online… and you should… because they’re awesome. (via Grace Lee)

9. Marcel George: How good do those cocktails look?! This British illustrator creates these gorgeous watercolor paintings of everything under the sun, including things in nature, portraits, places, watches and fashion accessories. (via Marcel George)

10. Emma Kelly: Dear McDonald’s. You should probably hire Emma Kelly to draw all of your ads from now on. She really knows how to make fast food look chic. Sincerely, everyone. (via Handsome Frank)

11. Dana Tanamachi-Williams: Brooklyn-based artist Dana Tanamachi-Williams is a genius when it comes to typography and hand lettering. She’s been commissioned by Google, West Elm, Ralph Lauren to name a few. What’s really cool, though, is she does these epic chalk drawings and films them using time-lapse. The one above depicts a project she did with the Ace Hotel in New York. (via Tanamachi Studio)

12. Alexandra Valenti: This bohemian photographer has some pretty mad art skillz. She takes gorgeous fashion photographs and draws on them to make these breathtaking works of art. Each one is even more beautiful than the next! (via Alexandra in the Forest)

13. Kendra Dandy: We’re huge fans of this pattern illustrator and textile designer. Her Society6 shop has everything from watermelon printed throw pillows to lobster-clad tech cases, but you can also find her graphic work printed on this seriously awesome fashion collection. We’ll take one of everything, please. (via Bouffants + Broken Hearts)

14. Daron Parton: This award-winning illustrator has been published in many publications and has a body of work that’s super fun to scroll through. These animal illustrations are our fave though. (via Watermark)

15. Felicita Sala: Illustrated recipes are just one thing that Felicita has mastered. She’s also worked on children’s books and been published in a bunch of magazines. You can purchase her work in print-form on Society6. (via Felicita Sala)

16. Heidi Schweigert: Heidi is a maker from Minneapolis that sells her fantastic work on her Red Cruiser Etsy shop. Most of her work revolves around food and drink printed on calendars, recipe cards, greeting cards, prints and tea towels. Any kitchen would benefit from these beauts. (via Heidi Schweigert)

17. Anna Hurley: San Francisco illustrator Anna Hurley has a vintage style that you don’t see every day. She draws inspiration from old timey children’s books and her spin on the look translates into something fit for our modern-day grownup lives. (via Cargo Collective)

18. Lisa Congdon: This California artist is known for her colorful abstract art and intricate line drawings, usually juxtaposed together. Check out her other awe-inspiring work on her Etsy shop. (via Lisa Congdon)

19. Brooke Weeber: Portland based, Brooke is another one of those illustrators who brings fun and whimsy to every single piece she cranks out. Most of her work combines watercolor and ink, so you can expect lots of colorful graphic goodness. You can find her stuff at her Etsy shop Little Canoe. (via Brooke Weeber)

20. Becka Griffin: Remember that post on illustrated alphabet art we posted earlier this year? Well Becka Griffin was the star. She knows more than just her ABCs, though. She’s also known for her house portraits and greeting cards. We’re eyeing this bread one… because carbs. (via Becka Griffin)

21. David Jablow: These intricate lovelies were created by doodle master David Jablow based off of vintage notepads. Check out our feature on him to see the rest of the series! (via Brit + Co)

22. Ruth Oosteman: Have you seen this mother-daughter collab? Ruth’s toddler Eve draws some marker scribbles and then Ruth turns them into insanely cool masterpieces. Talk about imagination! (via Brit + Co)

23. Martín Feijoó: Umm, this guy takes photos of clouds and then draws cool things on top of them. Enough said. (via Brit + Co)

24. Kate Thorn: One of our very own contributors, Kate Thorn has some made illustration skills. We’re particularly fond of this series she did for holidays 2013. (via Create + Kate)

25. Jess Levtiz: No matter if you’re looking for pictorial inspiration for your next vacation outfit or quirky food and wine pairing, Jess Levitz has you covered. She’s also been know to draw up some drunk bingo fun for your next Oscars party. Yeah, we thought you’d be into that. (via June Letters Studio)

Which illustrator’s style are you diggin’ most? Talk to us in the comments!