Burrito bowls might officially a thing of the past, you guys. A new type of cuisine is capitalizing on the hype that is meal customization: pasta. Yep, the Italian version of Chipotle’s famous burrito bowls — pasta bowls — are here and ready to win everyone’s hearts + stomachs. Created by the Italian street food chain Piada, the idea behind them is pretty much the same: Start with a base (in this case, noodles instead of lettuce and beans), add a bunch of toppings of your choice and top it off with a saucy add-on. But, is it as exciting as a burrito bowl? We mean, you pretty much always add toppings to make a pasta dish turn from bland bare noodles into a feast-worthy meal. But the folks at Piada aren’t making basic bowls here. On the flip side, these to-go pasta creations have made all of our Italian food fantasies officially come to life.


The made-to-order options start with a grill item, including next-level choices like calamari with hot peppers and salmon, as well as classic favorites like Italian sausage or crispy chicken fritte. Next, you choose a sauce or dressing: pomodoro, diavolo, red pepper pesto, spicy Tuscan, creamy parmesan… the list goes on. Finally, cap it all off with a slew of toppings like white beans, artichokes, sweet + spicy peppers, arugula, sundried tomatoes, mozzarella… we know these decisions are difficult — and nothing like your average made-for-the-office pasta lunch. For those of you who just can’t decide which combo sounds yummiest, Piada offers three pre-designed dishes: carbonara, chicken basil pesto or chicken diavolo.

Going with the grab-and-go theme, the restaurant also has your Italian street food basics covered. Items like special pepperoni, parm-flecked breadsticks with their own dipping sauce, fried calamari and even cannoli chips are all on the table. Literally. They should all be on your table. Peeps in Texas, Ohio and Indiana can get a taste of their offerings (and all with free delivery too!), but we’re really hoping more pop up throughout the rest of the US soon.

What do you think of this Italian restaurant concept? What would you order first? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.