Fans are falling hard for Disney’s new live-action Beauty and the Beast, and while there are quite a few ways that the remake may surprise you, there’s one part of the beloved story that has never made sense. But now, a bonkers theory may in fact fill a major plot hole and leave you saying, “Ooooh, I get it!”

Beauty and the Beast surprise

First, we need to remember the curse bestowed upon the fictional prince, which not only results in his beastly form and transforms his household staff, but also means he doesn’t age and neither do those in his castle. While that makes sense (ya know, as long as fairy-tale magic goes), it didn’t explain why those outside of the castle apparently weren’t aging either.

A Reddit user by the name of Hainted has proposed that, “The village of Villaneuve is caught in the Enchantress’ curse as well. It’s stated outright that she erased the memories of the Prince, his lands, and servants from the villagers’ minds, but if you pay attention she also locked the village in a time loop.” Hainted and other users break down various clues that back up their theory, but beware! There are a few MAJOR spoilers present, though as Hainted points out, “It’s hidden in plain sight, whether intentional or not, it makes so much sense.”

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(Photo via John Phillips/Getty)